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HBO Criticizes Trump For Misusing Games Of Thrones Trademark Slogan

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President Donald Trump has made an uncanny reference to the HBO show ‘Games of Thrones’ in his new administrative tweet. And for all the right reasons, HBO is pissed off. America is all set to reimpose sanctions on Iran. Hence to tease off his new administrative reform, Donald Trump took to Twitter with an extremely notorious TV citing.

This Friday, in a tweet that featured a cinematic poster with a steely depiction of the president. Trump announced the words “Sanctions Are Coming.” Now, this very automatically generates a single idea. And that too, even in the heads of those who do not watch the Emmy winning HBO series. The president exploited Game of Thrones’ trademark phrase ‘Winter Is Coming’. This logically did not go down well with the show’s creators. ‘Winter is Coming’ is a foreboding line that warns of a deep freeze that will herald an army of the undead from the north to conquer other lands.

HBO Scorns Trump For Misuse of Game of Thrones’ Trademark Slogan

HBO did not waste much before hitting back at Trump for his impolite misuse of a brilliant piece of literature. It said: Keep us out of it.

an HBO spokesman, Quentin Schaffer said in a statement,

“We were not aware of this messaging and would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes.”

HBO was quick to realize that Trump’s new political campaign would entail a wide scorn on practically every social media platform. Which actually did happen, several re-tweets of the poster mocked Trump for his insensitive and politically dismissive remarks. Nevertheless, HBO had already done its work. On Twitter, it answered the president aptly with a comeback Tweet “How do you say trademark misuse in Dothraki?”. Dothraki happens to be a language spoken by a group of nomadic warriors. HBO’s Games of Thrones includes a mention of Dothraki on the show.

Games Of Thrones’ Actors Fire Back At President Donald Trump

Apart from the official post from HBO, two cast members from the Games of Thrones personally criticized Donald Trump over his ignorant tweet. English actress Sophie Turner, who will soon star in Marvel’s Dark Phoenix, aka. Sansa Stark replied to the president’s negligent gesture with an ‘Ew.’ 

The actress, Maisie Willams, who plays Sophie’s onscreen sister Arya Stark on the HBO show, also expressed her disillusionment over Trump ‘s tweet. She tweeted ‘Not Today’.

Not The First Time

However, even after the entire fiasco, The White House press remained unavailable for comments. This is not the first time imitation of the trademark phrase. Earlier too, political tweets have largely relied on signature lines from the HBO show. Although they have often carried a much lighter context than the president ‘s obnoxious remarks. Back in 2015, Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, tweeted “Big News Is Coming” to announce his impending electoral campaign for the president’s seat.

Whatever the case may be, HBO’s state of political neutrality does not allow them to accept any reinvention of their campaign for political agendas. President Trump’s case is; however, quite different. It is not just about Games of Thrones; in fact, Donald Trump has essentially been on bad terms with HBO. This happened seven years ago when Trump encouraged people to cancel their HBO accounts since HBO aired Bill Maher’s show. Trump had an ongoing feud with Maher during the time. 

How Iran Reacted To Trump’s Games Of Thrones Reference

Iran too did not ignore the tweet. On Saturday, Turkey’s Tasnim News Agency tweeted what it said was a response on Instagram from Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the leader of the elite Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. The General posted a poster similar to Trump, that also reads in a signature HBO font ‘Come I Will Stand Against You’.


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