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Zack Snyder says that Warner Bros passed on his ‘300’ Sequel

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Zack Snyder recently said on The Playlist’s The Fourth Wall podcast that:

“Blood and ashes would explore the relationship between Hephaestion and Alexander the great”.

‘300’ was the first movie made by Zack Snyder at Warner bros in 2006, he directed and co-wrote this movie. It was start of a partnership between Zack and Warner Bros. which then lasted for 15 years. ‘300’ was adapted from Lynn Varley and Frank Miller’s book which grossed around 456 million dollars worldwide. Later on, a sequel was also made in 2014 which was “300: Rise of an Empire” which grossed at 337 million dollars worldwide.

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There would have been a 300 Sequel but Warner Bros. didn’t like Zack Snyder’s idea

Zack Snyder tells The Playlist that Warner Bros. was interested in continuing the ‘300’ franchise so he even wrote another sequel of ‘300’ during the pandemic.

Snyder also said that over the pandemic:

I had a deal with Warner Bros. and I wrote what was essentially going to be the final chapter in ‘300’. But when I sat down to write it I actually wrote a different movie. I was writing something about Alexander the great. And it just turned into a movie about the relationship between Hephaestion and Alexander the great. It turned out to be a love story so it didn’t really fit in the third movie.

Since Snyder went another way with the story and didn’t write what was initially planned, Warner Bros. killed the project. Even though we really think that this would have been one hell of a movie.

Snyder is moving on for now

Snyder also said that he would love to work at the movie he wrote which he called “Blood and Ashes”. Furthermore, he said that Warner Bros. are not really a fan of him. So, maybe that’s why the project was killed, who knows? And now since Snyder has made a jump to Netflix with his new zombie epic movie called “Army of the Dead”, the relationship of 15 years between Warner Bros. and Snyder has temporarily ended.

In an interview, Army of the Dead’s producer (who also happens to be the wife of Zack Snyder) explained the advantages of working with Netflix. She said that:

“I got no information from HBO or Warner Bros. about the release of ‘Justice League’ but I’m getting a lot of information from Netflix about ‘Army of the Dead’”.

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