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From Titans to Doom Patrol: DC Keeps on Giving!

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The fourth episode of DC’s Titans has brilliantly set up a bedrock for its upcoming show ‘Doom Patrol’ to build upon. The show, which is a spin-off to the recent hit ‘Titans‘, will premiere on the DC streaming service next February. The original comics from the 1960s will essentially source the upcoming show. While Doom Patrol will also draw some essential features for the more modern versions of the comics.

What’s Doom Patrol?

Doom Patrol, also referred to as the world’s strangest superheroes are essentially people who have found their weakening superpowers via some tragic incident. Dr. Niles Caulder- a sensorily immobile doctor and inventor, with an obscure identity, rescued the original Doom Patrol members. The members for the squad have seen large variations. Yet the idea of debilitating powers remains common to all of them.

The primary Doom Patrol includes the race-car driver Cliff Steele (aka Robotman). Dr. Niles had implanted his brain into a robot after a fatal crash. Joining him was test-pilot Larry Trainor (aka Negative Man), whose exposure to radiation during a flight created a dangerous being made of pure negatively-charged energy. Now this dangerous creature lives inside Larry’s body. There is also Rita Farr (aka Elasti-Woman), whose exposure to strange gases gave her the ability to change her size and later stretch any part of her body. Rita Farr was the woman who adopted Beast Boy (Teen Titans). Eventually compelling him into aiding a gang of robbers through his shapeshifting powers.

Doom Patrol In DC Titans

The Titans quickly introduced this DC family much like they have been mentioned in the comics. However, the show did demonstrate the unrefined skill of Rita Farr. Taking from a 2005 reboot of the comics, the show translated how Rita would become a shapeless blob of protoplasm if she does not concentrate sufficiently. Additionally, Titans also set up Dr. Niles in a much darker shade. From the comics, he is supposed to be a humanitarian. But on Titans, he kept his personal objectives above his humanitarian cause. Grant Morrison had established Dr. Niles as a bit of jerk, and the episode ‘Doom Patrol‘ on Titans only furthered the idea.

Doom Patrol, introduced all its lead characters with great subtlety. There is melancholy and eccentricity associated with all the characters. And this fairly compliments the idea of a system of ‘strange heroes’ for the upcoming Doom Patrol.

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