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Tana Mongeau calls out Tanacon Manager Michael Weist after he teams up with Danielle Cohn

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If you closely follow what happens in the YouTuber community and have been for a while, you would know how disastrous the Tanacon event went. Tana Mongeau was not happy with some things with VidCon 2018 so as a result, she ended up creating her very own Tanacon event. The idea was similar to Vidcon but as per Tana, it would be better for the content creators as it would give them more freedom. However, things didn’t go as planned.

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Who was to blame for the failure of Tanacon

The event planning went downhill after there were tickets sold than the venue’s capacity. As a result, there were hundreds of attendees waiting in the heat and there was chaos and confusion inside. There was no food and water given and no explanation either. And apparently, Tana Mongeau herself arrived very late to the event, adding to more confusion. The event got canceled after its first day with many calling out Tana for planning the event in such haste. She only decided to throw the event and do the planning in just two months.

Tana Mongeau had no experience of planning events this big and it was her first time. She teamed up with Michael Weist, a young entreprenuer whose company did event planning. Shane Dawson, who at the time was uncancelled and active on YouTube, made a documentary about it. He was particularly curious because he was one of the featured content creators on Tanacon. In the documentary, Tana Mongeau put some of the blame to Michael Weist. But Weist put the blame on Tana Mongeau for not being present and putting all her efforts and attention to Tanacon, adding that the night before she was out partying with friends. Mongeau countered saying that she had made sure everything was in order and that Michael Weist confirmed this. But by the end of the day, Tana Mongeau did say it was her fault for not doing everything she could to make TanaCon a success.

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Now, Michael Weist is teaming up with another influencer, Danielle Cohn

Danielle Cohn is a TikTok star that is most famous for looking older than she actually is. There has been some speculation that she is lying about her age. But she’s still managed to have a huge following on social media and has loyal fans.

Meanwhile, Michael Weist announced that he started his new record label and media group ‘Juice Krate’ and he’s been working on his career ever since TanaCon. After going bankrupt, Weist worked to bring himself back to the industry.

In 2021, Weist shared with his followers that he has joined hands with young influencer and TikTok star Danielle Cohn.

A day later, Danielle Cohn had released her song ‘I’m Done’ which people believe is about her break-up with boyfriend Mikey Tua.

Even though, Weist has managed to revive his career as an influencer manager again Tana Mongeau won’t change her opinion on him.

Tana Mongeau commented on Michael Weist teaming up with Danielle Cohn

As per Tana Mongeau, Weist is only going to financially exploit and take advantage of Cohn for his own personal gain and give nothing in return.

After the Shane Dawson series aired, Michael Weist premiered his own documentary ‘TanaCon: What Really Happened’ which didn’t offer much explanation either. It focused more on the events inside the hall rather than outside which had hundreds of fans waiting in the heat.

Moreover, in Weist’s series, there was talk of there being 15,000-20,000 fans waiting to attend the TanaCon. This fact isn’t true as the Garden Grove Police reported only 4,000-5,000 fans. Michael Weist also mentioned in his documentary that he went bankrupt after the Tanacon event and lost more than $7,000.

Tana and Michael still have bad blood

As was expected, Michael Weist and Tana Mongeau stopped talking to each other after the event and aren’t friends anymore. A fact that can be evidenced by Tana’s latest tweet commenting on Michael’s collaboration with Danielle Cohn.

Weist has not responded to Tana Mongeau’s tweet. He’s currently focused on his project ventures and signing on more people to his media group and label. He also recently as himself in Hulu documentary ‘Jawline’ which is about an aspiring teen influencer wanting to escape the monotony of rural life for something greater.

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