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Alec Baldwin Arrested Again! Let’s Look at His Controversial Past

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Actor Alec Baldwin and controversy are now quite synonymous with each other. The short-tempered celebrity is often in the news for his socially unacceptable activities. Today, on November 2, he was arrested after a brush with another guy over a parking spot in New York.

Here’s What Alec Baldwin Did

According to the New York Police Department, The incident took place at about 1:45 p.m, in front of his E. 10th St building. The 49-year-old victim told police then informed the police about the incident, accusing the 60-year-old Alec Baldwin of public harassment. The victim in a black Saab Turbo X occupied a parking space that someone from Alec’s family was reportedly holding. Things quickly augmented into a rough scuffle in New York. Eventually leaving the victim’s jaw injured after receiving a punch from Alec Baldwin. The victim was rushed to the Lenox Hill Hospital for treatment.

The charges against the Saturday Night Regular include misdemeanor third-degree assault and harassment. These are enough to land him in jail for up to a year. The police took the actor to 6th Precinct station house in Greenwich Village. The actor was released shortly.

President Chimes In

President Donald Trump, whom Alec Baldwin often parodies, voiced a diplomatic opinion over the controversy. “I wish him luck,” the real-life Trump said about Baldwin’s new legal problem in New York. His son; however, gave an outrageous reply recalling how Baldwin had called his daughter “a rude, thoughtless pig” in a 2007 email.

Past Encounters with the Authorities

This isn’t the first time Alec Baldwin is making headlines over problems with the authorities. He has set the news on fire several times before. In 2014, Baldwin was arrested and placed in handcuffs. This happened after he became “belligerent” with a police officer who stopped him for riding his bicycle in the wrong direction down Fifth Avenue. After his arrest; however, Alec Baldwin remained unapologetic. He took to Twitter to express how New York ‘s criminal investigation systems had become more “desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign.”  He even announced that he was ready to leave New York as he thought that “New York has changed.” Caroline Samponaro, director of bicycle advocacy at Transportation Alternatives, criticized Alec Baldwin over the controversy.

He Called His Own Daughter A ‘Rude, Thoughtless Pig’

As revised by Donald Trump Jr.; back in 2007, Baldwin had left his daughter Ireland an angry voicemail. Ireland, then 11, apparently had not picked up Baldwin’s scheduled phone call. This led to the furious comedian to scorn his daughter over voicemail with hateful words. A leak brought the mail before the public. Yet again Baldwin gave it his best shot to defend himself. Alec and ex-wife were engaged in a horrifying custody brawl back then. Alex, his daughter, blamed his long parental alienation for the controversy.

Alec later apologized and added:

“You have to go through this to understand. (Although I hope you never do.) I am sorry for what happened.”

Alec Baldwin Lashes Out At Paparazzi

The comedian from New York also allegedly attacked a paparazzo photographer in L.A. back in 1995. In 2012 another paparazzi accused him of an issue. A similar incident occurred in 2013 as well. In 2016 when Alec Baldwin was with wife Hilaria in Beverly Hills, the actor gave a glimpse of his anger before a paparazzo trying to take photos of him. Baldwin unleashed his fury as he called the paparazzo ‘ trash’, a ‘fucking piece of trash’ before he rhetorically confirmed ‘YOU GOT THAT’. The actor warned the pap to stay away from his wife who is more of a ‘private figure’.

Let’s see if Alec learns from his past and isn’t arrested again!

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