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Tana Mongeau, Lana Rhoades, and Harry Jowsey want to have a three-w*y?

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So I was just going through my TikTok feed and found something weirdly interesting for you guys. Yes, it definitely has to do something with Jake Paul’s ex-wife/girlfriend Tana Mongeau, and Mike Majlak’s ex-girlfriend Lana Rhoades. These two did an OF collaboration back in October 2020 which was loved by their fans. Now you guys must be thinking what’s weirdly interesting about this news? It’s not like Tana and Lana are getting cozy on-screen for the very first time, right?

So let’s jump to Tana’s recent TikTok video in which she is trying to do some mouth-to-mouth action (but failing at it miserably). Or maybe both Lana and Tana are under the spell of alcohol so they don’t really know what they are doing. And what’s interesting about this video is this extremely tall guy standing behind the girls. Who is none other than our very own reality TV star “Harry Jowsey”.

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Harry Jowsey Awkwardly Stands Behind Tana Mongeau and Lana Rhoades As They Have Their Way With Each Other

*Laugh Out Loud*! Sorry about the weird laugh but I couldn’t just control myself. Anyways, some of you guys might not know that Lana Rhoades recently broke up with Mike Majlak. And she spilled all the beans about her breakup in the recent BFFs’ podcast. Moving on to Tana Mongeau, Oh well, I don’t even know from where I should start. So Tana has posted a bunch of pictures on her Instagram stories in which she is getting cozy with a guy. And no, it is not Harry Jowsey but rapper and actor Chris Miles.

Though Tana has not confirmed her relationship with Chris Miles, they both seem to have very good chemistry. Last but not the least, we have Tana Mongeau’s best friend Harry Jowsey on the list. So Harry has been single for a couple of months. He was in an on-and-off relationship with Too Hot To Handle co-star Francesca Farago. And he also dated Julia Rose for like a week or two.

Though he mentioned in one of his podcasts that he is seeing somebody but trying to keep a very low profile at the moment. But we can’t say for sure if he is seeing Tana because she has also not confirmed her relationship with Chris.

It’s finally time to talk about the video which Tana posted on her TikTok. In which she is trying to have some tongue and mouth action with Lana but failing at it miserably. On the other hand, Harry is acting like he is very much surprised with Tana’s behavior and wants to join the party Lana x Tana party. But he obviously can’t because he is very close to Lana’s ex-boyfriend Mike.

And there is this song playing in the background, “I wan’t a three-w*y. Tell me why we can’t have a three-w*y.” Coughs!! Harry’s expressions are priceless in the video, Tana like always is giving her 100%. And Lana is trying her level best to act like she is into Tana (which she clearly isn’t).

So once again Tana and her friends have managed to confuse us. Maybe they all want to have a three-w*y but can’t. Or is there a possibility that Tana and Harry are trying to pass an indirect message to their mutual ex-girlfriend Francesca?

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