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Too Hot to Handle’s Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago back together?

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Oh, Well !! So Harry Jowsey is going to appear on the BFFs podcast in the next couple of minutes and talk about his current relationship status with Francesca Farago. Both Harry and Francesca have been posting back-to-back TikTok videos on their accounts which are kind of very similar. Now you all must be wondering why is Harry posting old videos of his ex-girlfriend Francesca all of a sudden. And why is Francesca responding back to him when she is dating the famous TOWIE star Demi Sims.

So let me clarify this situation for you guys that Francesca is pretty much single. As she announced her breakup with Demi almost two weeks ago. Though Francesca was a little active on social media, Demi, on the other hand, took a week off to deal with the whole situation. Both Francesca and Demi shared that they ended things on a good note. And expect their fans to give them privacy to heal from this difficult situation.

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Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago are back on good terms

Now we all know that Francesca is not dating anybody at the moment. But she is clearly making us all confused with her TikTok videos just like Harry. You guys might not know this thing but Harry re-posted a video of him and Francesca almost five days ago. And the caption says it all:

“dam a year since this happened, hope you’re doing well bucko.”

So Harry appeared in the BFFs podcast which just premiered on YouTube. And shared how he actually feels about Francesca. Dave was the first one to ask Harry if he is dating Francesca to which Harry replied in a very unexpected way.

“No, Not at all. There is a bit of hot water at the moment. So I had one of these weird days where you have feeling in your stomach, you wake up and something is not right, right about today.”

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And then he checks his phone and boom, all the cast members from Too Hot To Handle were wishing each other a very happy one year since the show happened. Does it seem like a coincidence to you? Ummm, birds chirping in the background. Anyways, Harry also shared the real reason behind why he got back in touch with Francesca.

“So I just said fu*k it. It’s been a year since we have probably the ugliest breakup. I am just gonna text her, the most pleasant like no ulterior motive.

“Hey stranger, it’s been a year. I hope we can be adults and move forward. I don’t want to look back and see you as a stranger.”

Since then, both Harry and Francesca have been commenting on each other’s posts on social media. As per Harry, they are also doing it for the sake of likes and clout. Coughs Awkwardly !! So in short, these two are on good terms ( for now at least ).

Oh and Harry is also going to share further details about his and Francesca’s current relationship status in detail on Tap In w/ Harry Jowsey’s upcoming podcast. Let us know in the comments down below if you guys are excited about their sudden reunion?

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