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Will and Grace Tackled #MeToo Moment Perfectly

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Recently, after the phenomenal success of the #MeToo movement, many television shows decided to pick up the issue. Will and Grace is the latest one that portrays this issue accurately. Although it’s no surprise that the show decided to tackle the issue. Not only did they ensure the episode still had its hilarious moments but tackled the serious moment with a careful delicacy rarely seen in hit sitcoms. Therefore, Grace’s #MeToo moment definitely makes an impact. It’s painfully correct and disturbingly accurate for many. No wonder people are appreciating Will and Grace for honoring the movement.

The #MeToo Episode of ‘Will and Grace’

The Will and Grace episode that was broadcast on Thursday, started with Grace stopping at a cafe on her way to visit her mother’s grave with her father Martin. Grace’s face turns grave when she confronts her old father for “playfully” hitting on a waitress much younger than him. Martin replies with the age old slogan, “Oh women love it” to which she sternly blurts out, “No, they don’t”.

The intensity on Will and Grace only increased when Grace refused to visit the grave of her father’s best friend, Harry. Her father was curious to know what the big deal was. In his mind, it was just Harry being flirtatious and touching her on the back. He was in denial of his best friend actually committing sexual harassment or assault. But his face turns pale, as does the whole audience’s when Debra Messing delivers these lines:

“It was hot so I had to have my hair up and it showed off earrings that I borrowed from mom that made me feel really grown up. And then at the end of the day, Harry called me into his office. I walked in. He shut the door. He closed the blinds. And then he pushed me up against the wall. I tried to scream but he told me, ‘Quiet.’ Then he started kissing me and touching me and then he pulled down my pants and put his fingers up… I was 15.—”

The show-runners of Will and Grace tackled this issue perfectly well, they did not just lightly played it off as a joke. Nor did they kept the sexual harassment vague and broad. Grace shared specific and graphic details which left an impact for us all. The exact details made it real and traumatic. Debra ingeniously displayed a cauldron of conflicting emotions of rage and pain in this moment, undoubtedly leaving everyone in awe.

When asked the question sexual assault victims such as Dr. Bailey Ford are known to deal with, “Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

Grace replied with the answer we all know too: “Because I was afraid no one would believe me.”

Will and Grace featured everything that a victim goes through with a great level of accuracy. In fact, Debra Messing herself is a huge fan of the #MeToo movement. She claimed that it made her realize how many times she got a #MeToo moment in her life. Hopefully, Will and Grace will also inspire many others to speak up about their harassment and assault and ask for justice once and for all.

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