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Best Moments at the Oscars 2021: What made it special

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The 2021 Oscars were under scrutiny from the very start. Due to the pandemic, there were numerous speculations, for instance, would it be virtual? And how would it look like a movie at the new venue, Union Station? However, in the end, the Academy managed to pull it off, with the 93rd Academy Awards being a truly memorable one. It did have its own controversial moments, particularly in the end. But all in all, there were some incredible moments that deserved to be remembered. Here are some of the best moments at the 2021 Oscars that we thought no one should miss out on.

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The Best Moments at the Oscars 2021

1. Union Station: Incredible, and intimate

Best Moments at the Oscars 2021: What made it special

When the Academy announced that the venue for Oscars 2021 would be Union Station, it caused a lot of stir. After all, Dolby Theatre in Hollywood was known to be the Academy’s home for decades. However, they did not disappoint as Union Station turned out to be a spectacular venue riddled with movie magic. While maintaining social distancing requirements, it managed to display its panache and flamboyance in a much more intimate manner. Therefore, setting our eyes on the venue was indeed one of the best moments at the Oscars.

2. Mia Neal & Jamika Wilson make history at the Oscars

Best Moments at the Oscars 2021: What made it special

Another memorable moment from the night was Mia Neal and Jamika Wilson’s win for Best Makeup and Hairstyling for their work on Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. This was an historic moment, as they became the first black women to win the award, with Ruth E Carter being the first in 2019. Moreover, it was their speech that truly jolted the crowd into understanding the level to which black women are underrepresented in these awards. And that indeed puts this moment among one of the best moments on the night of the 2021 Oscars.

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3. Daniel Kaluuya’s hard work finally paid off, and he let us know on the mic

Daniel Kaluuya hard work finally paid off

One actor whose victory was something everyone was looking forward to was Daniel Kaluuya. He truly found his way in Hollywood from the bottom and his performance in Judas and the Black Messiah truly deserved accolades. However, what really made his winning one of the best moments at the Oscars was his acceptance speech. He had a massive list of thank-yous after winning Best Supporting Actor, which ended on him thanking his parents for procreating him, saying:

My mum and my dad, they had s*x… It’s amazing! I’m here!

4. Yuh-Jung Youn winning the Oscar and schooling Brad Pitt

Yuh-Jung Youn winning the Oscar and schooling Brad Pitt

Other than Kaluuya, Yuh-Jung Youn was another winner who was in an amazing mood for her big night. After winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Minari, she took a moment to address the presenter of the Award, Brad Pitt, directly. Many news outlets thought that she was ogling at him and gushing to meet him. The actress said:

Mr. Brad Pitt, finally nice to meet you. Where were you while we were filming?

However, it turns out that Youn was actually schooling and taunting Pitt, for not being present on set during production, as Pitt’s production company Plan B producing Minari. In fact, this was the first time Pitt met the actress. Therefore, this encounter isn’t as endearing as it may seem.

5. Chloe Zhao’s Historic Directing Win

 Chloe Zhao

If you want to know how exclusive the Oscars are for women, know that before the 93rd Academy Awards, only 5 women had ever been nominated for in the Best Director category and only one had won the award (Kathryn Bigelow, for The Hurt Locker in 2010). This year, all that changed with two women making the list, and Chloe Zhao winning the award for Nomadland. Not only did she become the second woman to win it, but also the first woman of color to win Best Director at the Oscars. And her beautiful depiction of a woman adrift in the wake of the 2008 recession is as worthy a movie as one can get to deserve the award. Not only was this one of the best moments at the 2021 Oscars, but also in all of the Academy’s history as well.

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6. Emerald Fennell winning for ‘Promising Young Woman’ Screenplay

Best Moments at the Oscars 2021: What made it special

Last, but certainly not the least, is Emerald Fennel’s win for the Best Screenplay for Pretty Young Women. The writer-director became the first woman in 13 years to win the award since Diablo Cody won for Juno. Moreover, this was her directing debut, making her win all the more impressive against a list of competitors dominated by men. This shows that the Academy is widening its horizons to become more inclusive. The movie is a dark comedy about a woman taking revenge against sexual predators, and when such movies start winning Oscars, you hope that similar things are waiting for us in the future in terms of inclusivity at the Oscars.

And so, these are by far the best moments at the Oscars 2021. There were some moments that did cause some controversy. However, we were just focusing on those that left a smile on our faces. Let us know in the comments below if we missed out on any that you liked.

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