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Lana Rhoades Shades Jake Paul With Dillon Danis?

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Well, we never thought this day would come when Playboy model and former adult content creator Lana Rhoades will be shading YouTuber Jake Paul with his potential rival Dillon Danis. I mean that’s a little too much. Because we all know that Lana is on good terms with her ex-boyfriend Mike Majlak and his squad which includes the Paul Brothers and also their now ex-girlfriends. So I am trying to understand this recent Lana x Dillon thing because it is not making any sense to me and a lot of other people. Or there might be a few other possibilities but we will discuss them later.

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Some of you might not know that Jake Paul had some serious beef with Dillon Danis. Things turned really ugly between these two when Jake made some serious attacks on Dillon’s personal life. Which included Dillon’s girlfriend Savannah Montano breaking up with him because he got a bartender pregnant. Jake also face-timed Dillon’s then-girlfriend Savannah and manipulated the whole situation. Jake initially sent Dillon an offer of $500 thousand dollars and extended it up to $1 million. And told him that out of all the potential fighters (like Ben Askren and Michael Bisping), he is eager to fight him the most. But Dillon mentioned in an interview with Sportskeeda that he had to turn down the offer because of his knee surgery and COVID-19. At the same time, Jake’s fight date with Ben Askren was announced by some legit sources. So, how does Lana Rhoades come into the picture?

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Lana Rhoades Threw Shade At Jake Paul With Dillon Danis

So recently, Lana Rhoades appeared on the BFFs podcast which is hosted by Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy. They asked Lana all sorts of questions but one clearly stood out from the rest. Which was about Lana Rhoades hanging out with Jake’s potential rival Dillon Danis on Jake’s fight day with Ben Askren. Lana re-posted an Instagram story from Dillon Danis’s profile in which she is sitting next to him in a club. And she said something really shocking in the video:

“Jake, Dillon is going to beat your a*s you fu*king idiot.”

Uhh-Ohh. Lana was trying to clarify the whole situation by explaining it even further on the BFFs podcast. But it clearly turned into a disaster.

“I did not know who he (Dillon) was. I was out for dinner with friends. This guy kept coming up to my table and was like ‘I am Dillon Danis’. He comes up to me and he is like ‘oh I am friends with Jake Paul’. And I was like okay, I will befriend him because we all know each other. And he was like, hey can you make a video for me as a fan.”

Lana further tried to justify her friendliness in the video by saying she wanted to ask Dillon for a favor and that’s the only reason why she made a video with him.

“There was someone else at the dinner that I liked. It was a little bribe situation.”

Though Lana was under the spell of some vodka shots, she still didn’t like the way Dillon tried to manipulate the whole situation by kissing her on the cheek. She later apologized to Jake and explained the whole situation. So, there’s definitely no beef there!

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