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Neil Young Casually Accepts Marriage With Daryl Hannah

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The Not-So-Young – music genius, Neil Young, has recently surprised his fans unexpectedly. The ’Old Man’ singer tied the knot with the 80’s sensation, Daryl Hannah, a few months ago. Neil Young is one of the most leading songwriters and guitarists of his time. The 72-year musician broke the news of his marriage to the Sense 8 actress Daryl Hannah a few weeks ago. He recently revealed this news in an online post. The post is actually his new video for the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young classic “Ohio.”

How Did It Happen?

The couple confirmed their marriage on Wednesday. Later, on the same day, Neil Young strolled with his wife publicly for the first time. They were roaming as a married couple. The duo then took a classy ride in an archetypal car to reach Young’s Los Angeles office.

The newlywed couple was spotted in a casual get-up.  Daryl Hannah was wearing a green jacket over a white blouse. Her denim complemented the rest of her outfit. Moreover, to celebrate this Halloween season, Hannah enfolded a pair of cat ears on her head. On the other hand, Young was seen in his routine outlook along with his signature nifty sunglasses.

Back in August, Blues guitarist, Mark Miller had posted a congratulatory message online for the couple. The rumors about Hannah and Young’s marriage sparked up after this post.

Neil Young had written a news report ’Ohio’ back in 1970 about four protesters. These four activists were shot at Ohio’s Kent State University. The young guys were protesting against the Vietnam War. He said he was releasing the video to support “common sense gun laws” in the US. Furthermore, he advised his fans to vote in the American mid-term elections. In the same post, he further declared that he and his wife Daryl released this video for awareness. This was the first time, the musician openly declared Sense 8 actress Hannah as his wife. Neil’s post narrates:

“My wife Daryl and I put this video together to reflect on.”

The Marriage News Is Breaking The Internet

Once the message got viral, the couple received several congratulatory messages on their social media platforms. One of them was from actress Rosanna Marquette. Marquette wished the couple,

“You are the whisperer to all the animals. Birds and bees follow you and protect you. What a beautiful time of love and magic”.

Before tying the knot with Daryl, Young had spent a 36-year old married life with singer-songwriter Pegi Young. The couple took a divorce in 2014. Young has recently released a video of his song ‘Campaigner’. The song is the first release from his new Shakey Picture Records.  The evergreen musician wrote the soundtrack for the film that the South West Festival premiered this year.

Hannah recently starred in the Netflix’s series Sense 8. She is undoubtedly the spectator’s delight from the 80s. Moreover, Young Neil’s spouse has also directed him in her directing debut ‘Paradox’.

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