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Netflix Gives The Kissing Booth A Horror Makeover

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Netflix has just given everybody the perfect treat for Halloween. The streaming service has added just the right amount of creepiness into the previously super hit romantic teen comedy-The Kissing Booth. With the new trailer, Netflix has completely altered the movie now making it into a straight up horror film. But let’s just agree that even with the sinister music and creepy effects, it looks nothing but phenomenal. The horror thriller trailer of The Kissing Booth might be just a fake one thrown out by Netflix for the Halloween holidays. But that doesn’t really affect how we take it!

The Fake Horror Trailer For ‘The Kissing Booth’

The original adorable romantic Netflix movie-The Kissing Booth Joey King, Molly Ringwald, Joel Courtney and Jacob Elordi is all about the girl who confronts her crush at a kissing booth. But nothing about this original movie was even slightly creepy or scary. If anything, it was just adorable. Up till now, the tone of the movie made people enjoy the light-hearted movie with memorably hilarious moments. But Netflix ruined that element by giving it the horror look that not many of us asked for. Nevertheless, with the fake trailer out, it’s definite that The Kissing Booth would be just as marvelous if it had to be a horror film.

A few months back in May, this whole horror idea was proposed by a fan online. She took the liberty to edit the movie’s Wikipedia page to introduce the horror plot. But Netflix decided to step up the game. They  intervened by actually making a fake trailer to suit this horror version of The Kissing Booth. Apparently, adding some sinister music and dramatic cutaways makes it look like an actual horror film you would want to watch this Winter.

When the fan edited the plot in May, Joey King laughed about the new twists. But now as Netflix released the trailer, The Kissing Booth star too to Twitter to laugh at how wild this was. Joey King found the trailer amusing and we have to agree with her on this one!

Now we do know that the horror trailer is fake, but does it’s sure to give anyone a few chills down their spine.

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