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Taika Waititi explains how Marvel took a chance on him

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Thor: Ragnarok will go down as one of the best Thor films and MCU films ever made. But, what it also did was introduce the world to Taika Waititi. His work on the movie was so amazing that it was understood that he would direct Thor 4 as well. However, before Ragnarok, Waititi was not the household name that it is today. So, how did the director grab Marvel’s attention? Well, it’s a very interesting story that Waititi shared recently.

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Taika Waititi explains how he impressed Marvel to give him a chance

Taika Waititi explains how Marvel took a chance on him

Taika Waititi did not have an easy way to the top in Hollywood. In fact, it was a very hard-fought one. And most Hollywood higher-ups just wanted him to repeat his previous success instead of letting him try something new. He explained to Interview Magazine how he had to struggle to put forth his creativity and not be limited by one genre:

Every time I’d make a film, I’d come to L.A. and they’d offer me a script that was basically the film I’d just made. And that just meant that that’s the only way they saw me, was in what I’d done and not what I could do. So, I would continue to go back home and make another film that’s completely different to everything else I’d made. And by the time Thor: Ragnarok came along, I’d done four completely different films where you couldn’t really say there’s a particular style that I have.

Taika Waititi to Eiza Gonzalez

However, Waititi did not give up on his dream and kept showing his wide range in directing. Just like other prominent figures in Hollywood, he kept striving hard, refusing to give in to the pressure of executives to recreate the only content of his that they had seen before. Usually, artists succumb to the pressure, but not Taika Waititi. He persevered and eventually, his versatility caught the eye of Marvel studios, who picked him to direct Thor: Ragnarok. Waititi explained:

Eventually, someone did say, ‘This makes us interested for what’s next, and we’re not going to ask him to continue to do the thing he just did.’ That’s when Marvel was like, ‘We think you should do Thor.’ They were the first American studio to take a big risk on me. Ever since then, more doors have opened, and the people who are at the door have realized it’s more exciting when you don’t know what to expect from someone.

Taika Waititi

Now, Taika Waititi is dominating television as well as movies. His creativity even landed him an unexpected Grammy for Jojo Rabbit! But right now, his fans are eyeing his one film, Thor: Love and Thunder. But, they’ll have to wait until May 6th, 2022 to lay their eyes on the final Thor film.

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