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Starting O*lyF-ns at age 18 is a result of child grooming? | A look into Bhad Bhabie & Malu Trevejo’s Case

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Bhad Bhabie and Malu Trevejo are two of the most famous rising stars. While Malu is a great singer, Danielle Bregoli is a pretty good rapper. Both of them have been making news both together and apart. Moreover, they are almost the same age and when one of them does something, fans already start expecting the other one to follow the lead. Both of them joined the OF platform after turning 18. However, people on the internet are speculating whether OF should allow such young creators on the platform right after they turn 18.

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Malu Trevejo and Bhad Bhabie joined OF after turning 18

Malu Trevejo turned 18 on October 15, 2020. She joined OF right after turning 18, mostly to earn money. Her subscription rates went up and down for a little while. However, her OF subscription is now free. But she is still charging her subscribers for exclusive content on post-to-post basis. In these 6 months, Malu has managed to gain 193.8K subscribers.

Malu Trevejo subscribers

Malu Trevejo has her age mentioned in her OF bio as well. In fact, that’s the only bio description she has provided on her account profile.

Malu Trevejo 18

On the other hand, Danielle Bregoli turned 18 on March 26 this year. In these two weeks, she has managed to gain many subscribers. However, the exact number is unknown as Bhad Bhabie’s publicly available information on OF is showing the number of likes and posts only.

Bhad Bhabie OF

Just like Malu Trevejo, Bhad Bhabie also has her age mentioned in her OF profile, along with a brief description of why her fans should follow her on OF.

Bhad Bhabie 18

One thing common in both their profiles? The age 18 and a butterfly next to it. Since I’m a noob, can anyone please tell what does that mean in OF terms?

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The curse of fame while being a minor + child grooming

Many people came forward with their objections as soon as Bhad Bhabie joined the OF platform, and announced that she earned her first million dollars through the platform in just 6 hours. That is a huge achievement indeed as previous record holder, Bella Thorne, did it in 24 hours.

But it still raised many questions, mostly by people questioning the age of “joining OF”. If a just-turned-18 celebrity made her $1 million within 6 hours, that means many people were already waiting for her to join the platform. And they had their credit cards ready. It’s not the creators’ fault though. Malu Trevejo and Bhad Bhabie joined the platform during COVID-19 pandemic, where other job opportunities were limited. Moreover, they are posting bold pictures but not the n*dity.

Talent Recap recently did an article on how fans are debating over the age of joining the platform as a creator. Many commented under her Instagram posts, saying that the OF platform creators’ minimum age requirement should be 21 instead of 18. A few people raised the same issue when Malu Trevejo joined OF. However, Bhad Bhabie broke a record and hence, she has made more headlines than Malu did.

Since people were already rooting for Bhad Bhabie to join OF even before she turned 18, a few fans highlighted it as “child grooming”. Some are even questioning the timings that Bhabie might have shot for her OF before she turned 18.

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How good is OF security?

Last year, BBC covered the story of an underage Scott, who tricked OF by using a fake ID and creating content while she was just 16. BBC documentary is also reported to cover other such girls who managed to share their explicit photos on O*lyF-ns while still being underage. The main reason is the income OF promises to its content creators.

BBC documentary found evidence that OF age verification process was not that trustworthy. People who got their IDs terminated by OF when the platform discovered their real age, started posting on Snapchat Premium.

Hannah kept tricking OF security by changing her profiles frequently. Her ID would be reported by her followers and then terminated by OF. She used her friend’s ID as well, who was above 18. OF told BBC:

When we were alerted in August 2019 to an allegation that an individual was potentially underage and gained access. We took proactive, swift measures to suspend and limit functionality and activity of the account. She actively conspired with a number of adult accomplices. They all intentionally, knowingly and repeatedly tried to cheat our age verification checks.


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OF has also enhanced its security after the backlash, and creators have to submit a selfie with their ID confirming their ID belongs to them. The issue regarding people joining OF after turning 18 is still a gray area that OF has to address.

“A lot of these women are doing it genuinely because they want to. It is important to have an open discussion without stigmatising s*x work, but also saying it can be dangerous, and it’s important to think about whether it really is the right thing for you”.

In the case of Malu Trevejo and Bhad Bhabie, both are adults. They did not trick OF platform. However, their number of subscribers is still a red flag. Many people did not even know about OF until celebrities started joining the platform during the pandemic. OF offers lucrative income, and celebrities were all up for it since their other ventures were not successful. The same hype led Malu and Bhabie to consider joining the platform before they turned 18.

All the social media platforms including OF are struggling to keep minors away from explicit content. However, parents need to step up as well.

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