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Tana Mongeau confesses James Charles manipulated her to discredit one of his alleged victims in 2019

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The YouTuber hierarchy is certainly changing. We had YouTubers such as James Charles and David Dobrik, at the top of the list having immense popularity and fan following. Both are now dethroned as serious cases of sexual assault and harassment are linked with both. Tana Mongeau is a notable YouTuber who was good friends with both Dobrik and Charles. Now, she’s made a statement saying James Charles manipulated her in 2019 and led her to believe that his victim was lying about what actually happened.

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The sexual harassment incident in 2019 with James Charles and his alleged victim Gage

James Charles faced his first cancellation in 2019 when Tati Westbrook made her expose video, It all happened right after Coachella. At that time, Westbrook was upset that Charles had taken a sponsorship from her rival company, Sugar Bear Hair. While making the long expose video, Tati Westbrook opened up how James Charles would manipulate straight men and coerce them into engaging in sexual acts with him. She denounced him and his actions. This immediately led to a lot of backlash to James Charles whose career almost ended. Charles ended up making a long video addressing all the allegations called, ‘No More Lies’. The video cleared his name to the public. In it, Charles explained that everything he did was consensual. Tati Westbrook also came out a few months later to say that she was fed ‘lies’ by their mutual friends Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. At this time, James Charles received a lot of support from his close friends Nikita Dragun and Tana Mongeau.

What happened with James Charles and Gage Gomez?

And at that time, a YouTuber by the name of Gage Gomez shared his story of James Charles sexually harassed him at the Coachella event in 2019. He shared that he told James Charles he was straight and not interested in him romantically. James would always get upset when Gage would tell him he was straight. Gage did mention in his now-deleted video that he was somewhat questioning his sexuality. And that he ended up being manipulated by James. He said that James Charles would often block him when he didn’t get a response from Gage Gomez immediately and then unblock him later on. This went on for a few weeks. Charles then asked Gomez to be his date for Coachella. The first two times Gage Gomez said no but ultimately agreed and went to Coachella. Gage Gomez says that he made it clear multiple times that he was straight and not interested in experimenting either. But in response to that James would simply get angry and upset.

Later on, James Charles would paint Gage Gomez as a liar and “clout chaser” who only used him for gaining attention.

Charles had tweeted out these tweets that were about Gage Gomez

pretty boys have the ugliest personalities

James Charles Tweet in 2019

When asked if James was in a relationship when there were pictures of him and Gage together on Twitter, he responded with:

nope unfortunately I am still very single. this boy played me for months on end and is a disgusting con artist. I’m thankful I had friends with me to protect me.

Gage Gomez also talked about how the influencers would often create scandals and dramas themselves in order to get more attention on their work. He also mentioned how it was a known fact that Charles was more interested in heterosexual men.

In 2019, Tana Mongeau took James Charles’ side and defended him against Gage Gomez

While Nikita Dragun was busy trying to debunk Tati Westbrook’s statements against James Charles regarding the Sugar Bear Hair vitamins drama. Tana Mongeau was busy calling out Gage Gomez.

In 4th May 2019, Tana Mongeau tweeted out:

I WATCHED you lead on and kiss my friend for a whole weekend & when he realized, you got scared and made a video lying and accusing him of being a sexual predator….:(
legit watching u like this and get away with it breaks my heart. he’s a person too… u & i know the truth

Mongeau mentioned in the tweet how Gage Gomez was leading James Charles on and that he was lying about the whole situation. The YouTuber also shared how she was there to see Gage kiss James.

Now, in 2021 Tana Mongeau shares she was manipulated in 2019 amid grooming and sexual harassment allegations against James Charles

On 9th April 2021, Tana Mongeau tweeted out saying that she was manipulated to say things against Gage Gomez:

100% manipulated and begged to tweet that. I was defending someone that was my friend at the time and believed them. sad to see. I later reconciled with Gage and discussed it, apologized, heard his side of the story, and now I call him one of my closest friends. things change

Mongeau even added that Gage Gomez and she had ‘reconciled’ and were now really close friends. Tana also said that she was defending her friend ‘at the time’. There’s a hint that she no longer considers James her friend and no longer supports him.

Serious accusations against James Charles could end his career

Currently, James Charles is facing allegations that he sexually harassed multiple underage boys who all share the same story. Charles addressed the allegations admitting to ‘flirting’ with minors and having inappropriate texts with them. The victims have come out with their stories saying that there was even an exchange of n*de pictures.

Charles says that he stopped talking to the minors once he realized they were not of legal age.

However, many like Keemstar, Ethan Klein, and Trisha Paytas are calling James Charles out for his predatory behavior and point out that legally soliciting n*de pictures from minors is still illegal and a crime. Even if the minors in question lied about their age.

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