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Celebrities Who Nailed Halloween With Their Eye Makeup and Costumes!

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Its Halloween and we have to make so many preparations before we step into the shoes of a different character, object or a personality. Just like us, celebrities also leave no stone unturned to look their best on Halloween. They attend spooky parties elaborately dressed in vibrant costumes. But the real distinguishing feature for them is, of course, the dramatic and spooky makeup and eye makeup they sport. After all, it is what provides the finishing touch to their Halloween look.

Ranging from movie characters to simple non-living objects, celebrities don and nail practically all looks. And once they are all geared up to debut their looks, they post several pictures of their Halloween costumes and eye makeup. These can have promotive reasons, or at times they simply reflect a feisty spirit. Here we have compiled some of the best and epic Halloween makeup looks delivered by our favorite celebrities.

Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice Halloween Makeup 2018

This year, America ‘s very own pop star, Victoria Justice set major spookiness goals as she became an Ouija board for Halloween. She recruited the assistance of makeup artist Kenyan Armitage. The eye makeup, done via a smudgy outliner, had a rough, undistinguishable outline. Moreover, she had black paint embodying blood dripping from one eye. While the other eye was painted white hence making it the planchette of the board. Her shoulders were painted with the moon, and the sun. Additionally, her neck contained the name of the board. And finally, her chest showcased the alphabet and numbers conventionally present on the board. What an astounding choice for a Halloween costume we must say.

Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill Halloween Makeup 2018

Victoria’s Secrets model Taylor Hill went a tangent away from the regular gothic costumes transforming herself into the heroic sailor moon. To accompany her Halloween costume, she opted for large blue colored lenses. These perfectly complimented the big wide eyes of the anime character. She also sported long extending lashes and white eye makeup extending towards the lower lash line. This obviously further enhanced the effect. It made her a show of sheer flawlessness. She lightened her skin tone with makeup and plumped her lips using sheer like pink lip gloss. Anime lovers, this style is for you.


Halsey Makeup Halloween 2018

When it’s Halsey time, it’s sexy time. You guessed it right; Halsey channeled the sexiest Halloween costume this time. For Halloween, she transformed into the sultry poison ivy. And for that, she painted her body in green hues and covered her legs with vines. But what caught our eyes the most was the dramatic vibrant green hombre eye makeup. Furthermore; she also sculpted her face with a sharp contour and dyed her eyebrows and hair deep red. Boy, she had the killers look this Halloween.

Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui Halloween Makeup 2018

Being evil doesn’t mean you cannot be neat. Lauren Jauregui proved this right as she sported the avatar of a much more sophisticated Harley Quinn. Her bold eyebrows and the sexy red lip paint helped the blue and red eye makeup to pop. In addition to this, they provided a definite finishing to the look while maintaining the uniqueness of the character. Lauren also dyed her ponytails blue and pink indicating well that she isn’t going to lag behind in mastering the dress up game.


Ciara Halloween Makeup 2018

This Halloween we simply could not take our eyes off singer Ciara. The renown singer gave Lupita Nyong’o a tribute through her Nakia costume. The look she opted for was from the movie ‘black panther’. The singer donned a warrior costume and styled her hair like the character, recreating a like sense of eloquence. An important part of her look was the smoky eye makeup that gave out the real feels. Her eyes were given a smoky eyeshadow look, and the smoke spread sidewards. The face was finely contoured with an ashy shade and her nude lips were no less than stunning. Not to miss, we were absolutely blinded by the highlighter which gave a sparkly touch to her appearance.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Halloween Makeup 2018

When it comes to Halloween makeup, how can we miss someone from the Kardashian-Jenner family?This time around, it was the beauty mogul herself. Kylie Jenner posted several photos of her as a Barbie doll on Instagram. Thus, giving her followers a glimpse of her epic pink Halloween eye makeup look. Even though it was not very dramatic, we were in awe of how well bubblegum pink lips paired with her hot pink eye makeup. Her eyeshadow popped even in the lower lash-line. Furthermore, her subtle peach blush and bold defined brows showed that she definitely knows how to play any shades of pink.

Which of the celebrities do you think nailed their halloween makeup and costume this year?

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