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Making a Murderer Season 2 Makes A Big Mess

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Making a Murderer is a Netflix documentary series based on true crime and scandalous murder prosecutions. This TV show franchise defied Netflix in many aspects especially in its season two. “Making a Murderer Season 2” is the subsequent loop in the chain of events presented by the original series. It is focused on the enduring struggles carried out to prove the convicts’ innocence.

The Background Of Making A Murderer

This Netflix original “Making a Murderer” was launched back in 2015. The series opened with a catastrophic tale of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey. These prisoners are behind the cell for life. They were accused of the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach. The season concluded with a set of 10 episodes.

The show followed the story of Steven Avery from Wisconsin. The convict had served 18 years in prison for the unfair persuasion of sexual assault and murder of Penny Beerntsen in 1985. He was later found innocent via a DNA evidence. He sued against the county on this case. In 2005, Avery was again arrested for murdering a local photographer and was convicted in 2007. This time; however, Avery was not alone, his nephew Brendan Dassey was also charged with murder.

Lack Of Substance For Season 2

Season 1 had a lot of ground to dig; the collection of evidences to prove Avery above suspicion, his 2003 release, then the Halbach case. And finally its associated events and challenges. However, season two did not have much stuff to display.

Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos are again equipped to steer Season 2, both in writing and direction.

Season 2 showcases ten one-hour episodes. These ten episodes proceed with an undeviating growth of the previous story. The end of season one had marked the beginning of the second.”Part 2″ begins with some flashbacks scenes of the first season. The drama reflected all the efforts schemed and executed to release Avery and Dassey from life sentences.

Netflix never compromises when it comes to technical vows. Viewers can spot the legacy of this streaming giant through innovative editing and technical effects in the series. Whether it’s an aerial filming or a digital effect, Netflix leaves no stone unturned. Unfortunately, these added supports failed to replace the impact of a non-compelling non-viewers-drawing script in “Making a Murderer Season 2”.

“Making a Murderer 2”: A Deficient Season

The Making a Murderer season 2  looks like a second-rate version with repetitive acts and monotonous storyline. Moreover, the fresh episodes follow the orthodox tracks. The paths display continuous efforts of Avery’s and Dassey’s lawyers to release their clients. And only a part of the storyline involved the challenges(financial and social) faced by the convicts’ family members. This droning presentation; hence, is not able to sufficiently the viewer’s curiosity.

The New Attorneys On Making A Murderer Season 2

Making a Murderer Season 2 roams around the new attorneys. Kathleen Zellner, a notorious defense attorney for defending Avery. Most of the episodes exhibit Zellner’s struggle to collect evidences of Halbach’s murder.She is waiting for an epiphany moment to resolve the mystery. Sadly, these episodes are merely a bunch of her interviews and fact-finding tussles. And hence, the efforts do not enchant the audience. A lot of them in fact only telecast dreary proceedings.

The Socio-Economic Depiction

Making a Murderer Season 2 also stars Laura Nirider and Steven Drizin as the lawyers for Dassey. These characters, on the contrary, breathe life to the show with their rational defense for Dassey’s virtuousness. Furthermore, these newbies add a real sense in the arguments. Much unlike the previous defenders. Despite the fresh add-ons; however, the new season failed to portray the legal atmosphere genuinely. And there was a noticeable dearth of captivating court arguments. These legal debates were once the real essence of the Season 1 screenplay.

The next track of the story highlights the misery of family members and acquaintances of the culprits. The scenes well-presented. And they reflected well, the harsh realities that targeted families of Avery and Dassey. However, these personal life sagas were just an extremely lengthy showcase of events. Hence, they made the show drab. Making A Murder Season 2 also failed to be real even when it attempted to showcase declining health issues and romantic woes.

The Verdict

In short, Season 2 was not an up to the mark, “Making a Murderer” sequel. Not only did the show fail to sustain its genuineness, but it also couldn’t defy the criticism faced by season 1. Viewers needed some fresh air from Making A Murderer Season 2. But regrettably, the only thing that “Making a Murderer II” did was that it cast a big vacuum for its over-enthusiastic fans.

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