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Last Week On This Is Us Season 3

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This is Us, “Vietnam” chronicle was one of the most transcendent episodes of the series. The previous episode focused on Jack and his younger brother Nick, against the Ho-Chi-Minh settings. This time Fogelman is recounting something different. The latest season 3 episode was titled “Toby”. As the title suggests, most of the content reflected Toby’s psyche both in present and in the past. However, besides just featuring Toby, the episode also added segments as parallel storyline arcs. These underlined Rebecca and Miguel’s relationship and transmitted stories about Kate’s other two siblings.

The season 3 episodes dramatically spin around different characters and different time periods. This episode; likewise, put Toby at the vanguard. The whole episode mirrored screenplay excellence, presenting characters both in the present and past seamlessly. The flashbacks appropriately blend with the present to exhibit a perfect timeline-oriented-plot for the show.

The Present And Past Of Toby On This Is US

In the past, the 10-year-old Toby is shown as a boy suffering from acute depression and psychological exertions. The real reason for this mental trauma is his conflicted behavior. Toby was he was just struggling to gain praise from everyone including his parents. Secondly, another reason behind Toby’s trauma was his parents’ unhappy marriage which ended up in a divorce. In fact, Toby’s father had left the house when he was only a child. Before his departure; however, he had advised Toby to seek control on his emotion. He instructed him this because according to him, “it won’t fly when you’re grown”. The entire misfortune had also taken a toll on Toby’s mother (Wendie Malick). Turning her into yet another victim of depression.

Toby was on medications so that they handle his uncontrollable emotions. But for a time he suddenly stopped taking those pills. Later he realizes that his biggest mistake was to quit his anti-depressants. When Kate learns about Toby’s withdrawal, she immediately calls his doctor for an appointment.

The latest episode also gave the audience a major moment to cherish. It finally showcased Kate fruitfully conceiving. Kate’s efforts for conceiving a child were telecasted in the previous episodes. Now viewers are indeed delighted to see Kate pregnant. Toby bursts into tears of joy upon the pregnancy revelation by his wife, which feeds the viewers with overwhelming satisfaction and joy.

Miguel and Rebecca In Season 3

Another shocking fragment of this story is the revelation Miguel and Rebecca love story. As the story doesn’t follow a consecutive track, therefore there are many details that the viewers can’t perceive impartially. The new romance had created a negative sight on Season 3 for This Is Us viewers. Huertas playing Miguel in the series has recently defended this controversy in an interview:

He said, “We’re going to see how this relationship changed from one of really good friends to something a little stronger, a little deeper. I’m excited to show the audience that this season and see how they react. I hope they react in a positive way.”

According to the actor, Miguel’s has shown his allure, Miguel had married Rebecca 10 years post Jack’s demise. Hence, enough time had passed before the new romance brewed. Moreover, Rebecca is now free to make decisions about herself because her kids are all grown up and have chosen their respective lifestyles.

Randall and Beth:

Randall was still confident that he could convince city council on his Black-white racism solutions. Although his first campaign event had gone down as a misadventure. This was because Randall was totally amateur so it was a new challenge to handle the Philadelphia situation. But he optimistically believes that he has all guts to eradicate racial issues from the town. After all, Randall has done a lot for people as council member.

Beth has always been a hard rock on This Is Us. But this season 3 episode telecasted how the molten lava flew downstream. During a job interview she slip-ups during a conversation. She starts stammering while speaking about her sudden lay–off after 12 years of honest service. Later she attends Randall’s campaign speech at the restaurant with all her signature stalwart appeal.

Kevin and Zoe:

Kevin and Zoe were on their way to visit Jack’s friend. This trip develops a causal relationship between the two. Zoe is seen struggling with the blacks and whites of relationships. But she later gives into Kevin’s sincerity.

The Unsolved Mystery:

The episode wrapped up on an extremely suspicious note. Jack’s friend Mr. Robinson (a vet who served with Jack) handed over a stack full of letters and a photograph to Kevin. The photo features Jack with a Vietnamese woman wearing a necklace. Viewers have earlier seen this woman in a scene on the Vietnam episode. The episode hence ended raising questions about the identity of this mystery woman on This Is Us Season 3.

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