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Is Bhad Bhabie & Malu Trevejo/Tana Mongeau exclusive collaboration happening?

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It has happened as many people predicted/demanded from Bhad Bhabie. The cash me outside girl has joined the exclusive content creators’ platform OF today. While she just turned 18 recently, Bhabie had already announced her plans last month. She confirmed at that time that she will not be posting any explicit content/n*dity. However, after going official with her exclusive page, Bhabie stated that she will do whatever she wants to do with her OF. And fans assume it might include her collaboration with Malu Trevejo as well.

Malu Trevejo & Bhad Bhabie are more than just friends?

Though they were not always in each other’s good books, however, Malu and Bhabie are over their beef now. Both have had a tough past and they have come a long way from there. The fans are no stranger to Malu and Bhabie hitting on each other and flirting on social media. That’s why when Malu Trevejo joined OF after turning 18 in November, fans started demanding the same from Bhad Bhabie. Please keep in mind that Bhabie was just 17-years-old at that time.

Danielle Bregoli also confirmed that she decided to join the platform after 6 million comments. While that figure might be metaphoric, it still holds some truth and that is a red flag if it includes the comments she received before turning 18.

Anyways, people were not just waiting for her to join OF, they also demanded a collaboration between Malu Trevejo and Bhad Bhabie. Both of these young talents are really good singers. If they collaborate on a song, it is going to be a hit for sure. If it is an OF collaboration, then we can safely assume that their subscribers will hit the roof of the top floor of the tallest building you have ever seen.

There are also a few fans who are suggesting in subreddits that Bhad Bhabie is already better than Malu Trevejo. Reddit becomes so toxic most of the time.

Collaboration with Tana Mongeau?

Fans are not just ecstatic to see Bhad Bhabie with Malu Trevejo. They also want to see her with Tana Mongeau. Recently, Tana commented on one of Danielle’s IG posts, calling her an icon. Since both of them are OF creators, fans want to see them together as well.

Tana Mongeau collab

This might also spice up the whole collaboration situation since Malu Trevejo and Bella Thorne (Tana’s ex) also collaborated. Who will be in Danielle’s first collaboration post? Only time will tell.

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