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‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ Creator says Avengers Salary Scene triggered everyone at Marvel Studios

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When Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) disclosed in episode 2 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier that the Avengers never got paid for saving humanity and the universe multiple times, it caused an online uproar. On one hand, fans were arguing that the heroes deserved a handsome salary, if not at least a minimum wage. Meanwhile, others argued that they were living lavish lives in Tony Stark’s facilities. Regardless, it did make Sam’s struggles a lot more human, which made him relatable to the fans. But, for the people at Marvel studios, that scene was extremely triggering. That’s what Falcon and The Winter Soldier creator Malcolm Spellman said.

Creator of Falcon and The Winter Soldier reveals how Avengers Salary scene “triggered everybody” at Marvel

'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' Creator says Avengers Salary Scene triggered everyone at Marvel Studios
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While talking to Entertainment Tonight, Spellman detailed how the higherups at Marvel lost it after watching the scene:

It’s funny because that scene, and that moment, ended up triggering everybody at Marvel. We were getting calls from Kevin [Feige, president of Marvel Studios], from Lou [D’Esposito, co-president of Marvel Studios], from Victoria [Alonso, EVP of Production], from Nate [Moore, VP of Production & Development], like everyone at Marvel wanted input there.

Furthermore, Spellman explained how that scene from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier really made Sam’s character relatable to people. And the death of Tony Stark made their financial hardships even more difficult. The creator said:

Whatever it is about it, it has resonated with the people that have been interviewing with us, it resonated with everyone working there. So I think the reason you keyed in on it is you got to see a moment where a superhero is truly a regular person, and hopefully, we answered the question to some degree, that it ain’t easy being [superheroes]. A lot of superheroes are broke, especially now that Tony Stark is gone.

These struggles made the Falcon look more human

Moreover, Sam wasn’t even the most popular Avenger of them all before The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. He spent 2 years with Steve Rogers in Wakanda as a fugitive, which didn’t make things easy for him. And to top it off, Thanos snapped him out of existence, which meant he was nowhere to be seen for five years during the blip. All these struggles, especially the financial ones to keep his sister, single working mother Sarah’s (Adepero Oduye) boat afloat, made Sam all the more human, as Spellman said the struggle “gets to the humanity of it”. He continued:

Because we had more time, you get to spend time in a scene like that, in a bank scene, where you’re dealing with someone being famous but maybe being broke and how do you make your money as a hero? It’s a blast. I mean, Anthony and Sebastian [Stan] are both able to play with a given moment in a way that’s electric, so half of what you’re doing is creating moments for them to just do what they do.

For now, Sam has to make do with odd jobs for the government to make ends meet. To know what happens to him next, follow him on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The next episode airs this Friday on the 2nd of April.

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