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Zack Snyder addresses Darkseid confusion in ‘Justice League’

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With Snyder Cut of the Justice League, Zack Snyder has pretty much redeemed the movie in the eyes of the fans. If things had gone his way and he had the freedom to maneuver DCEU as per his vision, we would have gotten a greatly expanded DC Universe comparable to Marvel’s MCU. Sadly, fans will have to make do with the Snyder Cut. However, the glimpse of Snyder’s plan made the fans confused about one particular character – Darkseid. The question was that how did Darkseid forget that the “Anti-Life Equation” was on Earth?

Zack Snyder addresses Darkseid confusion in 'Justice League'
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In one of the flashbacks, we saw Darkseid’s failed attempt to conquer Earth thousands of years ago. During his invasion, he discovered that Earth was home to the “Anti-Life Equation”, but, the might of the Greek gods, the Amazonians, Atlanteans, the Green Lantern, and humans combined were able to defeat Darkseid injure him badly. Millennia later, when Stephenwolf returned to Earth, Darkseid had forgotten how Earth was one of the few planets to inflict defeat on him, along with the fact that the “Anti-Life Equation” was there as well.

Zack Snyder addresses the confusion around Darkseid

Now, curious could not help themselves but ask Zack Snyder if this was a hole in the plot or was there some genuine reason behind it. A fan asked Snyder:

I have a doubt/confusion…why Darkseid forget that Earth was the planet that defeated him. He came to conquer the planet along with the Mother Boxes, he found the Anti-Life Equation, but…he forget everything. How come he didn’t remember that?

In response, Snyder explained:

He almost died when he returned to [Apokolips]. He was in a fight for power and much time passed before he was in a position of power again and by then all who had been with him had been Slayed.

In short, Zack Snyder said Darkseid just forgot this very important detail about his plan to conquer the universe. However, it does make sense. Darkseid was heavily wounded and after he returned home, he had to fight to regain the throne. By that time, so much time had passed since his defeat at Earth that its completely plausible that he forgot. Moreover, many of his aides must have passed away by then as well. So, this explanation by Snyder does check out.

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