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Ally Hardesty, the YouTuber Durte Dom sexually assaulted in 2017, responds to David Dobrik’s apology

A recap on the sexual assault incident

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Ally Hardesty, a YouTuber that Durte Dom sexually assaulted in 2017, was one of the few who publicly told their story. It was at a time when the general opinion of people wasn’t against Dom and they thought his personality was just that of a jokester who flirts with women all the time. Now, the situation has completely changed as one woman is sharing her story of how she was raped by Durte Dom in 2018 when she was in one of David Dobrik’s vlog squad videos. Since then, multiple women have come forward with their personal stories of sexual assault by Dom Zeglaitis.

Ally Hardesty encountered Durte Dom in 2017

Ally Hardesty met Durte Dom at a VidCon afterparty event in 2017 and didn’t know who he was. Hardesty says that it was a networking party so mingling with other attendees was common.

Though from the get-go, Dom exhibited aggressive behavior where he grabbed Ally by the waist and leaned into her ears. Initially, she didn’t think anything odd of it as there was loud music playing in the background.

He was hitting on me telling me that  I was really attractive and saying a bunch of stuff like that. Asking to dance. He was saying things that were really off. I don’t know if this was because he was just really drunk or if he was joking around, flirting, kidding. It was weird but it wasn’t yet to the point where it was creepy.

She asked her friends Olivia and Michelle, other YouTuber friends to confirm whether it was okay to hang out with him. They were not aware of Dom’s problematic behavior at that point so they gave her a thumbs up to continue networking with him.

Then Dom started to act weird towards her

However, he asked her something which she thought was weird. He asked Ally Hardesty to make out with him but she declined as she was not comfortable doing that.

I’m standing with him a little bit more alone we’re dancing we’re talking he’s asking me to make out with him to kiss him. At first, i was just like, ‘I don’t even know you. Sorry. Like we just met. What do you mean?’ trying to make it into more of a joke. But he’s being really really pushy. Not taking no for an answer so then i just tell them sorry, ‘I don’t do PDA.’

Then she left Dom to go back with her friends who inform her that it’s Dom Zeglaitis, someone from David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad videos. He was popular at the time and Ally’s friends shared with her that it’s just a character that he plays. At that point, Ally Hardesty understands that Dom is just using his fame to get women. So, she shared that she thought she was going to mess with him but she did not intend to have any sexual encounter with him.

And at this point, Dom had not done anything more to make Ally feel uncomfortable. After she goes back to him, Durte Dom asks her to go somewhere where there are fewer people. Hardesty agrees with this and Dom takes her hand to go to a different area with fewer people and he asks her to put her phone number in. She gives her phone number because that was the whole point of networking.

Then the sexual assault incident occurs

Ally Hardesty shares that Dom took her out to a balcony and committed sexual assault. She details her experience in her YouTube video.

He gets on top of me like straddles me pins me down to the couch and I think it’s like a joke for a second. Like he’s gonna let go or something or he’s gonna try to give me a lap dance or something stupid because there is still music playing out there. But he literally doesn’t move. He has me pinned down on the couch like i’m just sitting normally and he’s facing me with his knees on my knees like holding me down. And pinning down my arms and he gets really close to my face and is like ‘Kiss me’. And i’m like ‘No, I don’t do pda’. there’s a bunch of people out there like get off of me. He doesn’t move. He still thinks it’s funny. He’s laughing. I’m super uncomfortable.

Ally Hardesty also shares that a lot of people were there to witness it but they didn’t do anything to stop it. One person even gave her a look that implied he knew she might not be comfortable but still he didn’t do anything and found the whole incident entertaining. Many of the people there did.

And then Durte Dom persistently keeps asking for a kiss from her. She keeps saying no and then he asks if he can accurately say her bra size, will she make out with him. She says no but he keeps pushing so she reluctantly agrees because she has no other choice. Then Durte Dom reaches inside her bodysuit and forcibly touches her chest:

And so he unpins one of my arms and he reaches down my shirt like caresses my b**b. And I’m like ‘What are you doing!’. I literally pulled his hand off of me and he’s like, ‘You really expect me to guess without feeling them first’. and I was like, ‘Dude just get off of me’.

Then he kisses her without her consent:

I say, ‘Okay, like get off now’. And he’s like, ‘No, you still have to kiss me’. I’m like ‘No, I don’t’. And he’s like, ‘At least give me a half kiss’. and I’m like, ‘What’s a half kiss?’. And while I’m saying that he literally just comes in and starts kissing me like making out with me one-sided kiss. One-sided.

Later on, Durte Dom did apologize but it was not a sincere apology and he lied in it as per Ally

He made a video in July 2017 talking about the Vidcon situation.

The accusations against me a 100% true but to an extent they are. I am aggresive when talking to women, we’ll say that. And there’s a difference between being forward and persistent. But I was doing was just too intense and now I’m working on that.

Dom further says that he’s been talking to his family and friends who have explained to him how he has been disrespectful in situations.

Furthermore, Dom apologized to people he has hurt:

First off I want to apologize to any guy or girl that I’ve personally disrespect myself. And from here on out, for all the people I meet and people I know, I’m gonna make sure to be respectful.

He also apologized to friends he collaborates with for ‘bringing negative energy’ into the videos. Moreover, he also said he was sorry for filming people without their consent. One case, in particular, was the 15-year-old girl he filmed at a party. Durte Dom also claimed at the time that he would try to ‘respect people’s boundaries more’.

He also said something that Ally Hardesty says isn’t true:

I personally reached out to people I’ve personally disrespected in hopes that they’ll accept my apology and obviously understand that this apology won’t help fix the mistakes that I made but regardless I still want to put it out there because it just needed to be said.

Beneath the video, David Dobrik also commented:

Proud of you Dom. Being an idiot is easy. Owning up to it is tough! Glad you made this!!!
2017 David Dobrik comment Durte Dom Apology

Ally Hardesty shares that Dom never reached out to her to apologize.

David Dobrik also directly apologized to Ally in his second apology video

After apologizing to the rape victim, David Dobrik also made an apology directly to Ally Hardesty. He says that he was sorry that he didn’t believe Ally at the time and made jokes about it. Dobrik acknowledged that it was wrong and that he should not have done it.

I also want to acknowledge the women that spoke out against Dom in 2018. I’m talking about ally and then I’m talking about other girls that address their problems privately or publicly. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you guys. I am sorry that I took dom’s word um for what happened those in those certain situations. And I didn’t believe you and not only did I not believe you but I made a joke of of what kind of a person dom was because i couldn’t wrap my head around childhood friend of mine doing this to people and actually hurting people. And I’m sorry for that not only did I discredit you –  but I platformed dom and not only did I platform Dom but I platformed the subject of s*x in a negative way where I made jokes  about it and I reinforced that kind of behavior and I’m so sorry.

Now, Ally Hardesty reacted to David Dobrik’s apology on the allegations

In one TikTok, Hardesty shares how she was hanging out with some vlog squad members including Jason Nash and BigNik after her assault incident. She says that all of them were discussing how ‘creepy’ Durte Dom’s behavior is. However, they all still continued to support him professionally.

She also tweeted out saying that David Dobrik has lied about no longer associating with Durte Dom. Ally Hardesty clarified that she came out with her sexual assault story in 2017 and not 2018 (Dobrik used an incorrect year in his apology when addressing Ally). Moreover, Dobrik knew about the allegation and still hung out with Dom. Plus, Dobrik says he stopped associating with him in 2019 but the two still appear together on social media till 2020.

Moreover, Hardesty says that she’s having mixed feelings about the apology and is suspicious about his intentions as Durte Dom lied in his own apology made 4 years ago. Ally Hardesty was not reached out by Durte Dom even though he claimed to have done that years ago.

Friendly reminder that my Durte Dom video was in 2017, NOT 2018. Don’t know if that was an honest mistake or to shorten the amount of time he continued to platform him afterwards? I have mixed feelings on David Dobrik’s apology & am sus because Dom lied in his 4 years ago…to say whatever would look nice for the camera & never privately reached out to ANYONE (even tho he said he did for the PR). I hope David will handle things differently.

Ally Hardesty Tweets Reaction Durte Dom David Dobrik

Let’s see if David Dobrik will address this situation and personally reach out to Ally Hardesty.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) or visit their website to receive confidential support.
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