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What’s With the Rivalry Between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel?

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Matt Demon and Jimmy Kimmel have been in an open rivalry for the past 12 years now. Seems unimaginable that two celebrities could be petty enough to let it last all this time. But well, it couldn’t get any more true. And the World Series Game 5, they just proved that the men are still not over it. Probably the game between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers was less interesting than the stunt these stars pulled off! Over the years, Matt Demon and Jimmy Kimmel developed their rivalry from one-lines to elaborate segments and giving us some really popular night gags to exist.

What Happened At The World Series Game?

Both Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Demon were present at the World Series Game 5 between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers. Surprisingly, both of them were seated next to one another. And also, wearing the same shirts. Demon wore a red one to support the Red Sox while Kimmel wore a blue one as he was rooting for the Dodgers. Both their shirts read ‘I’M WITH STUPID’. And had arrows drawn over them which pointed at each other. Sounds like something a bunch of high school boys would do. But we saw this stunt coming from none than the Oscar winning actor and a very popular talk show host.

Matt Demon and Jimmy Kimmel were also accompanied by die-hard fan of Red Sox- Ben Affleck. But he chose to remain neutral in this Kimmel-Demon rivalry.

What Sparked The Rivalry?

The Kimmel-Demon rivalry dates back almost 12 years when it sparked right after Jimmy Kimmel made a comment on his show. Apparently, he announced on the show that,

I want to apologize to Matt Damon. We ran out of time.

But Kimmel later explained that he just did after a bad show for the amusement of one of the producers who stood right there. And that Matt Demon was the first name that entered his head because he wanted to think of an A-list star.

This entire scene went around for almost a year. And in 2006, Matt Demon was actually invited to come for a staged fight with Kimmel. And ever since then, the rivalry really picked up with both stars reaching out for one after the other stunt.

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