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Kanye West’s Midlife Crisis: Blexit Shirts and More Kids

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With these two rampant names in the entertainment industry, fans might be expecting some upcoming auspicious disclosure. It is true that the singer, whatever your opinion about him, never fails to amaze us. With his spontaneous SNL speech that made Donald Trump out to be god and him having to face a lot of backlash from it, it’s obvious the guy is facing some sort of mid-life crisis. And how does he deal with it? Selling “Blexit” Shirts asking for Black people to leave the Democrats and support Republicans: a party that is known to have policies that doesn’t make it their priority to serve the interest of minorities. And by also pestering or in her words, harassing his wife Kim Kardashian West for more kids.

Embracing Fatherhood!

Embracing Fatherhood

According to Kim, her husband Kanye West was “harassing” her to have more kids, seven to be exact. Kim Kardashian, who is a celebrity mother of three kids, is quite concerned about the country’s loose gun laws. And for this reason, it’s possible why she can’t bear the concern for the safety of more kids.

The weekend episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” was pretty shocking. The gorgeous magnate appeared to be in great stress upon her husband’s demand for seven kids. She was seen ranting to her friend Larsa Pippen on the show.

“Kanye wants to have more, though. He’s been harassing me; he wants, like, seven. He’s, like, stuck on seven.”

Pregnancy for Kim Kardashian Might Be Dangerous

Pregnancy Dangerous for Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy is never a piece of cake to swallow. She has developed pre-eclampsia (medical condition) from her first pregnancy with her daughter North. Moreover, she has also dealt with a risky condition of placenta accreta. Kim underwent labor complications during the delivery of her second child, son Saint. She was very afraid of these gestation hitches and wanted to avoid another high risk pregnancy. Hence, she opted for a surrogate for her second daughter.

Kim Kardashian has reservations about bringing more children into the world. She is really frightened of the global intricacies where kid’s proper survival remains a big question. This thought scares her in her sleep and dreams. She is not in a mood to introduce another life into the jaws of this hungry world. But what’s with the whole Blexit shirts?

Blexit Shirts: Kanye Leader of Black Conservatives

Blexit: Kanye Leader of Black Conservatives
The Right Scoop

Perhaps, the most appalling news after the bombs sent to notable politicians and celebrities this week, was that of the rapper selling Blexit shirts. Kanye allegedly had a goal to turn Blacks against the political party that mostly favored them in most policies: Democrats. No one knows why Kanye would support Donald Trump after he’s literally endorsed by the head of the Klu Klu Klan: a racist group that believes in the removal of Blacks in society. Imagine how racist you have to be in order to be endorsed by that group.

Though, Kanye West’a love for Donald Trump seems to be unwavering. After his visit to the white house, and Donald Trump praising Kanye on several occasions, this new development isn’t much of a shocker to anyone.  So much so he’s willing to spread awareness through T-shirts. And after all, capitalism is what Donald Trump is a strong advocate for. But recently, it seems that the famous singer is done with politics and claims that he had nothing to do with Blexit as we’ve been led to believe.

Kanye presented these shirts at the Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit which is a where young black conservatives meet in Washington. The group’s spokeswoman, Candace Owens, believes that,

“Blexit is a renaissance and I am blessed to say that this logo, these colors, were created by my dear friend and fellow superhero Kanye West,”

It seems like Kim Kardashian has to deal with a lot when it comes to her husband. Let’s hope for the best for the couple!

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