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‘Trick Or Treat’ Halloween TV Shows To Binge-Watch

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Trick or Treat, It’s Halloween! What a merry time of the year, finally a break from the heart-wrenching, brain-draining routines. The spirits are eerily ghastly, yet cheerful. And we all look to toss horror up from different angles to make it as entertaining as it could be. Amidst this, quite thankfully, TV networks and streaming services traditionally offer Halloween-related content. They do not always necessarily have to do with the horror genre. In fact, they can be anything from festive food recipe shows to other-worldly, whacky sitcoms. Since we are living, as they call it, ‘the platinum era’ of TV or simply ‘peak TV’; picking out a single watchable show from the endless libraries of programs can be surely a taxing task. Alas, you might even end choosing something you’ll begin to despise midway. But don’t worry; we have you sorted with our list of best Halloween TV shows: The Haunting of Hill House, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Conners

The Haunting Of Hill House

It’s not like that you should watch it because it’s Halloween. In fact, you should watch it because this is the best thing Netflix has ever given to us. The Haunting of Hill House is the one show, which actually gives definition and purpose to the horror genre. It is not anything like AHS, nor does have it have some very accomplished, sinister monsters that leave you aghast with their jump scares. Yet, despite this, it has the potential to scare you to death.  Just through the internal struggle, and confrontations of its main star cast.

Mike Flanagan, the man behind Gerald’s Game, has created this utter masterpiece. The Haunting of Hill House blends well the emotions of This Is US, along with an aggravated Conjuring horror. And it simply sets out to ‘digest’ its audience within itself. And that too so profoundly that one has to strive hard to break away from its effects. Read its full review we did here.

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

This dark version of Sabrina is a desperate tale of teenage fright. This updated Sabrina handles its witch fantasy with flair and malevolent wit. The series is inarguably clumsy and messy. Yet, it is able to satisfactorily set in several campy, smart, dark, and gorgeous moments of horror. The optimistic Kiernan Shipka is the highlight of this stylish thematic dilemma.

It is a show that makes a case for magic as a mascot for women empowerment while throwing of some cinematically curios arcs. The show talks about the limitations of a witch fantasy in a way never seen before. Sabrina here too is the daughter of a warlock and a mortal woman. She also lives with her witchy aunts. And quite expectedly she tries to juggle between a high-school student preparing for SAT, and a witch aiming for a finer craft. Yet, the series departs from the ABC sitcom with its profound, joyous horror.  A perfect Halloween piece Indeed.

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