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Kendall Jenner spills all secrets in Hailey Bieber YouTube series

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Hailey Rhode Bieber has recently joined the YouTube community. And she is not coming slow. Within a couple of days, Hailey already has 3 videos uploaded on her YouTube channel. And at this rate, we can already predict she will be hitting millions of views and subscribers within a week. Apart from her skincare routine and introductory video, Hailey has also launched an honest conversation segment on her YouTube channel. The segment is called “Who’s in my bathroom?” and she will be hosting her guests in her bathroom. The premiere episode featured her best friend, Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner talks about pregnancy scare, proposals and more on Hailey Bieber show

We all know how close Kendall Jenner and Hailey Rhode Bieber are. However, we never got a chance to see them together, spilling major secrets about their personal life. While Hailey is married to Justin Bieber, Kendall is still single. She is not in a relationship with anyone. And apparently, she is not getting married as well.

While playing “Never Have I Ever: Friendship Edition”; Hailey’s team brought out some pretty interesting questions to ask the duo. Both of them have songs written about them. And right after the first shot, they could not answer the second question with a straight face. In fact, both Hailey and Kendall confused the team behind the cameras as well as the audience watching the video, before they got to the clarification part.

“Never Have I Ever been pregnant”, question led them to almost drink their shots. But soon, the ladies realized that they are not only supposed to drink the shots if they have done it. So, Kendall and Hailey confirmed that they never got pregnant. Or, even got a scare.

The Tea

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Rhode Bieber also took a shot while confirming that they had kissed a same guy as their best friend. However, they did not tell who that guy was. While answering to the question, never have I ever saved myself for marriage, Kendall Jenner said that she has not done it.

Kendall was laughing so hard while answering the question, a bit tipsy from all the shots, that tears started to roll out of her eyes and she could not control it. In fact, Kendall Jenner also confirmed:

No one’s ever proposed to me. I’ve never even been engaged.

While still laughing and crying at the same time, Kendall said:

I’m okay, I’m okay. I’ve never been engaged. And I’m not married. It would be so nice to be married. But I’m not. A dress would be so beautiful. I f***ing hate this show.

The bond is strong

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Rhode Bieber have proved they have a very strong bond. Their friendship is not abnormal, like many people assume it to be. They met at the Hunger Games premiere for the first time. In fact, they met through Kylie Jenner. However, they got closer to each other and ended up being the best friends forever.

Can you relate to their friendship? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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