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Justin Bieber Burrito Eating Prank Busted

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Beliebers, here some good news for you. Justin Bieber knows quite well how to eat a Burrito. Yes, you can hold your horses now and stop with the panic. Recently, a photo surfaced on the internet taking the entire social media by storm. Fans created a public outcry when they saw their beloved pop star Justin Bieber having a burrito, as nastily as he could, on a sideways bench. The picture showcased a man with starkly similar features to Justin Bieber, dressed in a baby pink jacket, blue denim, a rusty monkey cap, and grey shades sitting on a park side bench gnawing ferociously on a burrito. As the picture broke the internet, people were left dubious. And soon the hashtag #sidewaysburritto began trending on Twitter.

Not Justin Bieber, But A Doppelganger!

Though the man clearly did look like Justin Bieber, we were not able to catch a glimpse of his face. He was so engrossed in eating, it was largely difficult to do so. Though some initial reactions, after careful scrutiny, debated that it was Justin Bieber. The less observant; however, did not pay much heed. But soon afterward, as the picture started gaining an overwhelming response, the disclosure came about. It was all a prank! Yeah, you heard it right, Yes Theory had engineered this entire gag as a part of its YouTube program.

The Burrito Prank Had The Internet Fighting

Yes Theory had hired a Justin Bieber doppelganger, Brad Sousa, to troll the internet. And we cannot deny that this prank actually worked. The whole of the internet got divided into houses. And people fired tweets at each other. While some mentioned that burritos cannot be treated as harmonicas, others responded that a little wildness doesn’t hurt anyone. Some had let extreme, and they expressed their confusion over the fiasco. While some turbulently went on to Tweet ‘you’re doing it the wrong way’.

Yes Theory Has Pranked You Before

The success of the prank was astounding for Yes Theory. Earlier they had used the impersonator to falsely demonstrate Justin Bieber helping an old lady on the street. By that video failed to go viral. It is a bit surprising that the public was quick to take notice of the way a celeb eats a burrito. But they weren’t as pleased when they had the same celeb practicing a sense of moral nuance. In a video, Yes Theory elaborated the entire prank was a big-budget one. They had to fly Brad all the way from Canada to L.A., all in a bid to attract views and subscribers.

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