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Did Shane Dawson mistreat Tana Mongeau?

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Shane Dawson and Tana Mongeau were once really close friends. But ever since Dawson was involved in several controversies and scandals, he’s not been posting on his YouTube channel. Meanwhile, he lost many of his friends such as Blaire White and even Trisha Paytas. During his scandals, Trisha Paytas continued to defend him until a falling out happened between the two. Yet, Tana Mongeau did not speak out against or in favor of Shane Dawson.

Now, it seems like she’s hinting that she’s no longer going to support him. Old videos of the duo are making rounds on the internet and they seem to imply that Mongeau was mistreated by a much older Shane Dawson.

Tana Mongeau considered Shane Dawson her mentor and savior

Before the scandals happened that officially ‘canceled’ Shane Dawson, Tana Mongeau praised him throughout. She always considered him her mentor and the reason why she started a YouTube channel.

Tana Mongeau also credited him for saving her career when the TanaCon scandal took place. Mongeau had problems with VidCon so she created her own version, named it TanaCon, and invited several influencers. However, the event ended up failing due to mismanagement and poor planning. There were lines of people who shared that they could not get inside the venue and those who did only spoke of chaos and not getting what they were promised.

The whole event led to people turning their backs on Tana Mongeau and calling her out for being irresponsible. Shane Dawson, since he was one of the influencers that were going to appear on TanaCon, made a documentary about it and tried to see what went wrong and how the event planners didn’t see things through. That showed many people how Tana Mongeau was not all to blame, and that there were others that played a part in the poor execution of TanaCon. That documentary also served as a way for people to have some empathy for Mongeau, who was portrayed as merely a misguided 21-year-old who didn’t intentionally ruin her own event.

That helped save some of her public image and Mongeau continued to grow as a content creator. Albeit many other controversies and her public stunts that didn’t sit right with some people, she still has a strong following and loyal fans.

Shane Dawson’s problematic behavior towards Tana Mongeau during their friendship

Some of those fans are pointing out the questionable behavior by Shane Dawson when he was around Tana Mongeau. The main incident they point out is how Dawson encouraged Mongeau to pee on him for one of their YouTube collaboration videos. Fans are pointing out that Tana Mongeau had recently turned 18 and this wasn’t an appropriate thing to ask of your female friend.

And the major hint that Tana Mongeau wasn’t comfortable with doing this is that she had liked these tweets where people are calling Shane Dawson out.

Tana Likes Anti Shane Tweet

The tweet asks people if they remember a ‘weird’ video where Shane made Tana pee on him.

Tana Shane Pee Video Screenshot

The same user also tweets out a screenshot of the video where Shane Dawson made Tana Mongeau pee on him.

All these tweets have been liked by Tana Mongeau, implying that she found it weird as well. She has not spoken out about it directly but there are hints that she may not have been comfortable about it.

Although there was a video after the peeing video, titled ‘Getting SE*UAL with SHANE DAWSON’.

At some points in the video, Shane Dawson is continuously making Tana Mongeau uncomfortable. Dawson kept trying to convince her to pee on him but she kept saying no. Moreover, he wanted to bring an Ouiji board but Mongeau wasn’t comfortable with that. At one point. Shane even says,

‘Let’s do triggering sh*t to each other’

In another instance, Shane Dawson was talking about inappropriate stuff with a then underage Tana Mongeau on his podcast

Another Twitter user highlighted how in 2016, Shane had Tana on his podcast ‘Shane and Friends’.

In June of 2016, Shane Dawson had then 17 year old


on his podcast ‘Shane and Friends’. The whole episode just shows gross engagement on Shane Dawson’s side with a then underage Tana. Viewers discretion advised. TW// ped*philia , se*ual talk

There is also a clip of the podcast attached to the tweet with the caption:

Not only is he using very degrading language towards women but him and his cohost Jessica Buttafuoco openly admit, that they only hold back because the cameras are rolling and for legal reasons.
These tweets were not liked by Tana Mongeau. But they do seem to imply that Mongeau was put in an inappropriate position by Dawson and his co-host Buttafuco. Since, in another clip of the same episode, Shane was asking Tana to sleep with his friend Drew Monson who was 20 years old at the time:
In another part of this episode, Shane proposes, that Tana Mongeau should have se*ual intercourse with his friend Drew Monson. Drew was 20 at that time and Tana, as already stated, 17. The age of consent in California was and is 18.

There is evidence that Tana Mongeau may have been mistreated by Shane Dawson. And that she was coerced into doing things that she may not have wanted to do.

Tana’s sudden change in behavior

Mongeau has not spoken up about this yet and before Shane Dawson was embroiled in his scandals, she had nothing but positive things to say about him. She credited Shane and her manager when she won the Streamy Award last year.

And when Keemstar called her out for being silent during Shane Dawson’s scandals last year, she said that she would address it:

i want to make a video answering everything i’m being tweeted i just am incredibly torn by the thought of being a part of a bigger problem of diverting people’s focus to youtube drama versus the bigger issues at hand going on in the world & how we can help… idk.

Though, at the time, Tana Mongeau was under fire for her past problematic and racist behavior.

We will now just have to wait and see whether Tana speaks out about Shane or not.

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