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Demi Lovato Sober For 90 Days Now

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The popular singer Demi Lovato was previously hospitalized for a drug overdose. But then decided to enter rehab for it. And thankfully, the singer is now 90 days sober. Considering her past of drug abuse and overdose, this certainly must have been hard for her. But Demi Lovato reached to this point, and seriously, everybody could not be happier for her. Her mother shared out the news that Lovato is doing very well in her rehab treatment. And Friday marked three months of sobriety for the Skyscraper singer.

Demi Lovato Succeeds In Rehab

Demi Lovato was rushed to the hospital in an emergency back in July. After being released, Lovato announced that she was considering rehab to get over her problem. On Friday, her mother gave out a statement announcing that her daughter was now 90 days sober. And that she could just not be more thankful or proud because her addiction was a disease. And it required work. She added that it was very hard and that there were no short cuts available for it. Her mother added that she could not say for sure as to what triggered Lovato’s relapse in July.

Her mother also regards learning about this horrible news as a nightmare for any parent. And said that when she received all those text messages, she was terrified to look at her phone. Back in June, Demi Lovato released her album Sober accepting that she was not sober anymore. But since she did not live with her family, her mother was unsure about the extent of her relapse. When she rushed to the hospital, she did not even know what opiod was. But then she researched to know about what caused her daughter to get in that state.

Demi Lovato has always been open about her struggles with drugs and rehab. Now that the singer is 90 days sober, let’s just hope she finds the strength to fully recover.

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