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Daisy Ridley feels like Baby Yoda is “cheating” with his Force Healing

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Every Star Wars fan has been watching The Mandalorian, especially little Baby Yoda. And that includes the Star Wars cast as well, such as Daisy Ridley. The actress recently revealed that she loves Baby Yoda, but thinks he’s cheating with his force healing powers.

Daisy Ridley thinks Baby Yoda is cheating with Force Healing

Daisy Ridley feels like Baby Yoda is "cheating" with his Force Healing
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Ridley, who played the role of Rey in the Star Wars sequels, used her Jedi powers to heal Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The other person in the Star Wars universe who can heal others with the force is Baby Yoda (now Grogu). Grogu has arguably been the biggest star in The Mandalorian and has been a fan-favorite. And thus, Ridley believes Grogu is “cheating” with his cuteness, as it makes his force healing seem more impressive. While talking to Fandom, Ridley said:

Here’s the thing… Baby Yoda is immensely powerful but also Baby Yoda is almost cheating because he’s so sweet that whatever Baby Yoda did you’re like, ‘Aww!’. Whereas I’m a human so I don’t have that. So I feel like Baby Yoda has had an easier time being a Force healer because it’s Baby Yoda being a Force healer. We’re both good in that space but he definitely has cuteness on me.

Ridley might have a point as far as Baby Yoda’s cuteness is concerned. But, what Grogu can’t do is play Spider-Woman in the MCU! Ridley recently talked about her willingness to play the role, saying that she would “love to play Spider-Woman”. However, we’re not sure if Marvel has made any moves to bring the character into life. However, you can see Daisy Ridley starring alongside Spider-Man Tom Holland in their recently released film Chaos Walking. The movie will hit the TV screens in the US next month, but you can watch it in the theatres nearby until then.

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