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‘Justice League’ accidentally debuts on HBO Max for some subscribers

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For years, DC fans have been eagerly waiting for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. However, for some users of HBO Max, the movie debuted 10 days earlier than it was supposed to on 18th March. And it caused a lot of stir among the ranks at HBO Max.

Justice League debuted early for some users on HBO Max!

Justice League accidentally debuts on HBO Max for some subscribers
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For some reason (probably a bug), when a few users tried to play the new CGI/live-action film, Tom & Jerry, the upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut started playing. This happened for the users 10 days before the movie was supposed to debut on HBO Max.

Doug Bass, Charlotte, North Carolina resident first brought this little blunder by HBO Max to public attention on Twitter. He revealed that while trying to watch Tom & Jerry, he suddenly got to see an hour of the Snyder Cut before he was cut off. Bass tried to restart playing the film by playing Tom & Jerry again, but the trick didn’t work this time. The Hollywood Reporter also got access to Justice League the same way, after an error message appeared. When they would pause the film, the streaming service would tell the user they’re watching Tom & Jerry. Bass also shared a screenshot of the movie on Twitter, but Twitter took the images down on behalf of Warner Bros. Bass told THR:

I just wanted to put on Tom & Jerry for background noise while I worked, and instead, I watched an hour of an amazing movie.

Furthermore, Bass also revealed that the CGI job in Justice League was incredible, and at par with the MCU. In response, HBO Max released a statement:

Zack Snyder’s Justice League was temporarily available on HBO Max and the error was addressed within minutes.

The long wait for the Snyder Cut

It took a long time for Warner Bros. to bring Snyder’s perspective of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to the screen. After Snyder’s departure from DC due to a tragic family death, the Snyder Cut of Justice League gained mythical status among the fandom. But, Snyder came back after 3 years to complete his vision. However, he recently revealed that he didn’t take a penny from Warner Bros. for Justice League. And he did so to have complete control over his film, without any meddling from the studios. Unlike Bass, the rest of us have to wait till the 18th to set our eyes on Justice League. And by what Bass and others say, it may be worth the wait!

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