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HBO Now Has Intimacy Coordinator

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If you have been an HBO fan from the very start, you have probably seen the network filled with excitingly freaky sex scenes. But it seems like HBO is all up for putting an end to it. And making the place so much safer for actors who have to engage in that aforementioned freaky sexual acts. The channel has announced its latest policy for sexual and intimate scenes. Immediate effectively, any show that requires a sexual or intimate scenes will have an intimacy coordinator on the sets. And their job would be to make sure that the actors involved feel physically and emotionally comfortable. But will that really affect the intimate scenes we watch on our favorite shows from now on?

HBO Seeks To Control Intimate Scenes

An environment of vulnerability tends to be created every time a powerful creator asks the involved actors and actresses to get naked and stimulate sex on screen. To control this very power balance, HBO has updated its related policies. From now on, all intimate scenes are required to have an intimacy coordinator on the sets. Apparently, their job will be to monitor if the involved cast is both physically and emotionally comfortable. And also, to help everyone involved to make the scene look as real on screen as possible without violating any workplace boundaries.

This HBO policy on having an intimacy coordinator to control intimate scenes is most likely to be stemming from The Deuce. This became the first series to introduce such a practice with Alicia Rodis. Ever since then, Rodis became the intimacy coordinator for Crashing and the forthcoming Deadwood movie. While talking about the need of an intimacy coordinator, Rodis claimed that they had ignored its scope for too long. And that with the power dynamics on set, there is just too pressure.

Let’s wait and see if the HBO policy on intimate scenes will make any difference to our favorite shows. Especially the much hyped upcoming season of Game Of Thrones. With Maise Williams dishing out some teasers, fans couldn’t be more excited!

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