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When Seth Rogen got so high, he scared Bryan Cranston

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Everyone is aware of Seth Rogen’s love for weed and marijuana. It’s a recreational drug that’s now legal in the many States of the USA after all. It’s a theme that Rogen has often incorporated into his own movies as well so we all associate Seth Rogen with getting high. However, on one such occasion, Seth Rogen got so high that he ended up scaring Bryan Cranston!

Seth Rogen recalls a bad experience he had with smoking weed

‘Superbad’ actor Seth Rogen appeared on jimmy Kimmel Live!’ show to promote his new company Houseplant. As the name suggests, it’s a weed company so the conversation included many weed-related anecdotes. When asked if he ever had a negative experience with the recreational drug, Rogen confessed:

“I had one experience at the Golden Globes actually many years ago that was pretty bad, yeah.”

He went on to share that he had a weed lollipop during the show and it led to a unique experience:

“There are times with edibles where I thought I was fine, but I was not. And that’s what’s scary about edibles… [that] you don’t even know what they are doing to you. And I was at the Globes, which is a nightmare, so I had a weed lollipop throughout the show. And I thought, in my head, ‘I’m really high, but I’m keeping it together.’ Like, that was what I kept thinking in my head, like, ‘Man, this thing is f*cking me up, but at least I look and I’m acting totally normal.'”

The thing was that he wasn’t actually normal. The effects of the weed led him into a rather scary state. And that’s where Bryan Cranston comes in.

Bryan Cranston got scared of Seth Rogen at the Grammy afterparty

Seth Rogen attended the Grammy afterparty and he ran into Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston. Cranston played Walter White, the king of a meth empire in the show, a role he’s most popular for.

At the time of the party, Rogen and Cranston weren’t well acquainted with each other. Seth Rogen didn’t know what to expect when Cranston approached him. But the first question Cranston asked Rogen was, ‘Are you okay?’.

Seth Rogen shared that he thought it was a very worrying first question:

“An alarming question to be asked when you think you are okay. Like, if you bump into something, and you’re hurt, and someone’s like, ‘Are you okay?’ You’re like, ‘Thank you, I’m OK.’ But when you just think you’re doing good, and someone looks at you, like, very scared and says, ‘Are you OK?’ It’s like, it’ll really bring you back down to earth.”

‘Knocked Up’ actor Seth Rogen also added that it was even more worrying that Bryan Cranston was scared of Seth because he’s seen some messed up things while filming a show like ‘Breaking Bad’.

“That guy’s seen some things. If I was alarming to Walter White, I must have been f*cked up.”

Right after this encounter, Seth Rogen made the decision to leave.

“I literally walked out of the hotel that the show was in, and I got in my car, and I went home. I was like, ‘No. If you’re asking me, the answer is no. I’m getting the f*ck out of here.’”

Quite an interesting encounter!

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