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Sacha Baron Cohen reveals why he won’t play Borat again

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Despite the massive success that Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm was, it looks like Sacha Baron Cohen is done with the character once and for all. In his recent interview, the actor revealed the reason why he’s hanging up the character for good.

Sacha Baron Cohen will not play Borat again!

Sacha Baron Cohen reveals why he won't play Borat again
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While talking to Entertainment Tonight, Sacha Baron Cohen was promoting his recent film Trial of the Chicago 7. During the conversation, Borat came up and Baron Cohen revealed that his time playing the iconic character is done. He said that it’s “too dangerous” for him to continue playing this role, adding:

Chicago 7 had its own challenges. You know, you’re working with some of the best actors in the world… but for Borat, there were a couple of times I had to put on a bulletproof vest to go and shoot a scene, and you don’t want to do that too many times in your life. I was pretty lucky to get out this time, so no, I’m not doing it again. I’m going to stay with the scripted stuff.

Filming Borat was too dangerous

While shooting both the Borat films, Sacha Baron Cohen had to take a lot of risks and loopholes to get away with everything without a lawsuit or any threatening consequences. For instance, he once crashed a far-right rally for the sequel, and things got really dangerous while shooting the scene:

While talking to Variety in January, Sacha Baron Cohen revealed that the only reason he brought Borat back to the screen was because of Donald Trump. The actor said:

I brought Borat out because of Trump. There was a purpose to this movie, and I don’t really see the purpose to doing it again.

Now that Trump is gone, Baron Cohen says Borat is “locked away in the cupboard” and it’s extremely unlikely there will ever be a 3rd film. He continued:

There were moments in making this movie where I thought, ‘why the hell am I doing this? This is illogical’. You think, ‘am I mad? Have I got something deeply wrong with me?’

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