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Gina Carano adores ‘Mandalorian’ Co-Star Pedro Pascal, despite Political Differences

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The beef between Gina Carano and Disney after her firing from The Mandalorian is not ending anytime soon. But, Carano did express in a recent interview that despite political differences, she adores Pedro Pascal, her co-star from the show.

Gina Carano cherishes her friendship with Pedro Pascal!

Gina Carano adores 'Mandalorian' Co-Star Pedro Pascal, despite Political Differences
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While talking on The Ben Shapiro Show in her first sitdown interview after ebing fired from the famous Disney+ Star Wars series, Carano says she really adores her former co-star Pedro Pascal. She said:

I adore Pedro. I adore him, I know he’s said and done some hurtful things.

Carano, who is a conservative, was talking about Pascal publicly tweeting Sen. Ted Cruz’s office phone number back in January. Carano continued:

I don’t think posting anybody’s number on social media is okay. But we had an agreement after we realized we were a little bit politically different. We had an agreement that, first and foremost, you’re a human being. And you’re my friend first.

Moreover, Carano also emphasized that the two had some things in common too, like being “passionate”. She added:

I know that we both have misstepped on our tweets. We’re not perfect. We’re human beings. But he’s not a bad human being. He’s a sweet person.

Disney fired Carano after her appaling social media posts came under fire. In it, she compared modern-day republicans to Jews that the Nazis persecuted during the holocaust.

She knew beforehand that Disney had issues with her

Gina Carano further revealed that someone tipped her off about Disney having a problem with her social media posts. She found out about it because of an email that was accidentally sent to her, indicating that the studios were following the #FireGinaCarano movement on Twitter and other platforms. She said:

They accidentally sent me an email, which was very enlightening, so I knew. I knew they were paying attention. I know there were some people who went to bat for me, but I know that they didn’t win out at the end. They’ve been all over me and they’ve been watching me like a hawk. And I’m watching other people on the same production, and they can say everything they want, and that’s where I had a problem. I had a problem because I wasn’t going along with the narrative.

Meanwhile, there has been no confirmation from Disney about the fate of Carano’s character Cara Dune in the upcoming seasons of The Mandalorian. You can watch Gina Carano’s hour-long interview with Ben Shapiro here.

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