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Jim Carrey Gets Politically Charged Up

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Recently, during an acceptance speech at the Britannia Awards in Los Angeles, Jim Carrey slammed President Trump. He accused Trump of not only shameless trafficking but also kidnapping children. And by this, Carrey was directing targeting the cruel immigration policies of separating families at the border. Moreover, he extended support and appreciation for Chaplin, Christine Blasey Ford, Colin Kaepernick and also, Robert DeNiro.

However, this political outburst from Jim Carrey does not really surprise anybody. Carrey has been an open critic of President Trump and his policies. And even indulged in artistic attack on him and his policies. A few months back, Jim Carrey drew the very controversial cover of the TIME magazine. And even shared his politically charged drawings on his social media.

Jim Carrey Slams President Trump

While accepting his award at the Britannia Awards in Los Angeles, Jim Carrey launched forward his accusations against President Trump. He began with joking that he was glad his award didn’t come in the mail. And that was a direct reference to the rash of mail bombs sent to prominent Democratic figures in recent days. He said that the was glad that he didn’t have packages delivered to his home in great America. And he does not even remember it being this great.

He continued that shamelessness never was and never will be a superpower. It was a mark of a great villain. And that kidnapping children is not something that great nations do. By this, Jim Carrey was hitting on the latest immigration polices of separating children from their families at the US-Mexico border. According to reports, almost 2600 children were separated from their parents at the border. But Carrey moved forward with his speech saying that people in America were misinformed. And that reality shows wrapped their reality of truth. Carrey moved on to claim that he was dedicating this award to to those who reminded them or their virtues and truth.

Jim Carrey thanked Chaplin, Dr. Blasey Ford, Christopher Steele, Colin Kaepernick and actor Robert DeNiro. And added that Chaplin took on the right wing back in his times that they were still fighting today.

At the end of his comments for President Trump, Carrey added that they were not funny. But things were not very funny these days. Surely, Jim Carrey added some great energy to the otherwise non-political evening.

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