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‘Star Wars’ called out on social media for Black History post!

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It’s Black History Month, which means many companies will be sharing their own stories of how they promoted diversity in their workplace, especially with regards to Black people. But, some of these companies continue to be accused of not completely getting rid of racism, even in 2021. One of them was Disney, in particular Star Wars. They recently made a post on Twitter for celebrating Black History Month. However, it backfired pretty badly. Here’s what happened.

‘Star Wars’ celebration of Black History Month backfires

'Star Wars' called out on social media for Black History post!
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Lucasfilm is back on the hot seat as their Black History Month post on social media backfired. Their post featured John Boyega, saying:

Storytelling is at the heart of being human and black representation in all media gives us the opportunity to feel like we are a part of the world we are living in. To be seen and heard more gives us a chance to feel like we are understood by those consuming our stories.

Stories can show how a character can overcome struggles and conflict and to see someone like yourself in that story is a springboard for the imagination.

Introduce that to an eager mind of a child and you inspire the next generation of story tellers and beyond.” —Mel Milton, artist of this Finn illustration for #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryAlways

Now, this post by Star Wars wouldn’t have caused a lot of problems if John Boyega hadn’t come out publicly against the franchise.

Boyega, who was heavily involved in Black Lives Matter protests, publicly spoke against the franchise, telling GQ:

I’m the only cast member whose experience of Star Wars was based on their race.

He also mentioned how Disney excluded his face from the posters in China. Furthermore, he also highlighted that Star Wars had also ignored the character development of Finn, his own character in the sequels. Despite these grievances, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy did have a direct conversation with Boyega over the matter. But, fans were still having none of it.

Fans react angrily

It still didn’t stop fans from blasting Star Wars for the systemic racism within their own ranks. The following replies make it clear:

As a solution, one fan also proposed that Star Wars should make a separate show based on the relationship between Finn and Rey, depicting them as Jedis. After all, Finn was strong with the force too.

After this post, Boyega’s name trended for several days, with people bringing up how Star Wars largely ignored his character in the sequel movies, in Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015), Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017), and Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (2019). As of right now, none of the characters in the sequel trilogy have announced that they’ll be working with Disney anymore, with Boyega saying that he is no longer interested in working with Star Wars anymore.

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