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How American Idol hopeful Claudia Conway felt about the audition

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American Idol is finally back for its season 4 on ABC. But, due to the pandemic, they couldn’t hold auditions the way they used to. Despite social distancing, they still managed to find a lot of talents from all over the United States. One of those people that American Idol managed to lure is Claudia Conway. Yes, we’re talking about the daughter of notable political personalities George and Kellyanne Conway.

Claudia Conway auditions for American Idol season 4!

How American Idol hopeful Claudia Conway felt about the audition

Conway performed in the premiere of season 4. However, she did not feel confident at all about her performance. And she went to her favorite social media platform, TikTok. She posted a message:

Disclaimer that I am not happy w[ith] my idol audition I was so nervous and sick so I’m just giving everyone a little heads up ok?

By the looks of this message, it looks like Claudia Conway was not as hopeful about her performance. And many American Idol hopefuls aren’t confident about themselves on stage. But, Conway did then post a small clip of her performance on stage, with another in which she was singing. However, she did not spoil the premiere for anyone.

The Conways and their family trouble

Another footage that appeared on the media showed Claudia Conway being escorted by her father George to the American Idol audition. And the reason why the Conways are prominent is also the reason why they live in a divided house. Both George and Claudia hold left-leaning political stances, whereas her mother Kellyanne Conway was one of the most notorious counsellors of former President Donald Trump. On the other hand, George is a famous attorney who has been critical of President Trump.

Regardless of their family politics, Claudia Conway’s audition will be making highlights on American Idol. The major reason for that is her involvement in some political unrest, like revealing how President Trump and her mother were struggling with COVID-19. Now, there’s a chance that she brought her family’s role in politics onto American Idol and could bring it into the discussion. But, I doubt it’ll be her main focus when she performs on stage.

Moreover, there’ll be a lot of talents other than Claudia Conway who will come to American Idol hoping to make it big. And the stage is not just for singers, but performers too who perform original songs. The bar just gets higher and higher every season! Let us know in the comments how far you think Claudia Conway will go in American Idol season 4.


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