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Fans petition Don Cheadle to replace Gina Carano in ‘The Mandalorian’

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Recently, the news of Gina Carano being fired from The Mandalorian made rounds on social media. Moreover, she’s also not going to be a part of any Star Wars or Disney+ projects in the future. But, she moved on fairly quickly and almost immediately announced a new movie project with Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire. However, some Star Wars fans had other ideas about what they wanted. So, they started a petition calling for Don Cheadle to replace Carano in The Mandalorian.

Everyone knows the story of how Cheadle joined the MCU. After Iron Man (2008), the nascent MCU had to replace Terrence Howard as James Rhodes/War Machine. In came Don Cheadle, and he has been a part of the MCU ever since. Now, Marvel faces a similar situation with Gina Carano after she was fired from The Mandalorian for some abhorrent posts on her social media account. And fans are now bringing forth the idea of replacing her with Don Cheadle.

Fans want Don Cheadle to replace Gina Carano?

Fans petition Don Cheadle to replace Gina Carano in 'The Mandalorian'
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Yeah, that’s right. It’s a bit difficult to digest but if we put a wig on Cheadle and make him wear Cara Dune’s suit, it might work. With a bit of makeup, you can make the two look alike and that’ll solve a lot of problems for Disney and Marvel.

And to make matters even better, Jon Favreau is at the helm of The Mandalorian, who also starred in the original Iron Man and has worked with Don Cheadle on multiple projects. It’s like, it’s somewhat written in the stars. Cheadle has proved that he has what it takes to pick up from where another actor left off. And not only that, but he can add more to the character because of his own charm. As the petition, which now has more than 4,100 signatures, reads:

The solution here is obvious: bring in the expert. Don Cheadle has already proven to the world that he can not only pick up where another actor left off, but elevate a character to a place we haven’t seen before. Cara Dune is an interesting, open-ended character that many Star Wars fans have come to enjoy on screen. There are still endless opportunities to tell a story with this character, and it would be a shame to let the character disappear because of the actions of one actress.

We need the Cheadle.

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