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Katherine Heigl prefers to be called by a Different Name!

She thinks her name is too "regal".

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After years of silence, Grey’s Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl is making somewhat of a comeback into the limelight. And now, she has revealed that she doesn’t even like to be called Katherine at home. That’s because she thinks it’s too “regal”.

Katherine Heigl prefers a different name for herself at home

Katherine Heigl prefers to be called by a Different Name!

While talking to Drew Barrymore on The Drew Barrymore Show, Heigl made the startling revelation. She said:

No one calls me Katherine. It sounds much more sophisticated, right? Like an adult named Katherine. It helps me separate my work from me if that makes sense. I just had to embrace it.

Instead, The Ugly Truth actress likes to be addressed as Katie while at home. Heigl and Barrymore then started talking about Katherine‘s name and Drew mentioned her friend Katie – and compared her name to how this Oscar-winning actress recently revealed that she prefers being called by a different name. Barrymore said:

I think Katherine is so regal… and then Katie is like super cute and smiley. Do you feel like you have those two women running around inside you?

To that, Katherine Heigl wholeheartedly agreed and said:

I do, I do feel that way. I feel like I can present as Katherine when I need to but most of the time I am just Katie.

About turning 40

As we all know, the Firefly Lane star has reached her 40s and it has changed her perspective a bit on life. Katherine Heigl wrote on Instagram:

Well… I am officially 40 years old. I know you are going to think I’m full of it but the truth is… I’m pretty damn thrilled to be 40. For one thing, as my mother always says ‘Getting older is better than the alternative’. Too true mother, too true. For another thing, 40 feels to me like a certain kind of freedom. Freedom from all the self doubt, insecurities, self loathing, uncertainties and anxieties of my 20s and 30s.

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