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Zoella Disappoints Fans With First Non-Fiction Book

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The millionaire YouTube star Zoella is well known for her online exploits. But for the first time, she decided to venture into the world of non-fiction. And sent out her first book-a party planning guide after extensively publicizing it on her social media channels. But even then, Zoella failed. And that too miserably. Fans are more than just disappointed at her Cordially Invited which came out earlier this month. But what is it so horrible about this latest book that everybody is picking out on Zoella? And is making online sites explode with negative reviews and one-star ratings for Cordially Invited.

The Problem With ‘Cordially Invited’

Before we got to see what Cordially Invited was for real, Zoella promised a beautifully photographed lifestyle book. One that would be divided into seasons and would be full of ideas, inspirations and also, Do-It-Yourself’s. Apparently, her non-fiction book was supposed to cover everything from her favorite recipes to her advice on decorations. But all that this book met was negative reviews, savage criticism and the lowest ratings that Zoella has experienced ever. Almost 54% online shoppers gave this book a one-star rating.

Amazon shoppers specifically are furious with Zoella. One person who described herself as a regular fan thought that Cordially Invited was targeting children. She wrote that,

If you want to read about how to go on a “bluebell walk”, make a paper chain, [or] how to make mashed potato… then buy it!. But otherwise this has been a complete waste of my money.

Another person claimed that they had been a fan of Zoella for too long. But this book was surely disappointing and seemed like lazy and unnecessary cash grab. Generally, almost everyone described this book as completely useless and utter rubbish. People believe it to be a waste of money with information that is nothing but totally obvious. Disappointed readers also consider it as a manual for stupid people, full of obvious ideas into over embellished nonsense.

Zoella boasts around 12 million subscribers on YouTube. But very few people are coming to her defense with this first non-fiction book. And the previously loved star is now facing severe criticism over Cordially Invited. 

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