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Titanic II To Sail As Early As 2022

Hope it doesn't get hit by an iceberg this time!

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It could be a dream coming true for many-a replica of the iconic Titanic will soon be on sea. From what reports say, Titanic II will be ready to set sail by 2022. Although it is almost 4 years later than what we heard previously, at least there is a chance of it coming back. A team of Australian builders has taken over the project of bringing back something similar as the Titanic to the sea. But obviously, it does not come without its fair share of controversy. Even when the original Titanic encountered a tragic fate, it does not stop builders from wanting to replicate it.

The Tragedy of Titanic

In 1912, the original Titanic set sail as the prize of the sea. It remained one of the largest and most expensive ship to be built ever. But on its maiden voyage, it hit an iceberg with 2200 people on board. Only 700 people lived to tell the tale of the iconic journey. 1500 people-both crew and passengers died. Unfortunately, majority of the life-boats on board were not equipped to save the passengers. Ever since then, Titanic remains one of the most unfortunate engineering accidents to ever take place.

However, historians and treasure hunters regarded this incident considerably. The incident became a part of public consciousness and pop culture when James Cameron produced the Titanic film. It came out in 1997 staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

The Real Deal With Titanic II

Titanic II is under the supervision of Blue Star Line chairman Clive Palmer. And the man is ready to talk about all the controversies that surround this expedition. Everything on Titanic II will be very similar to that of the original ship. But obviously, it will be much more advanced. This time, the ship will set sail with enough life jackets and lifeboats to support everybody on board. It will also follow the same route taking passengers from Southampton to New York. But this time, the ship will attract attention and interest at every port she visits.

For almost a century, the original Titanic was a legend. Everybody wanted to sail on her, see her in port and experience her majesty. But the mystery and respect could never be felt by many considering the unfortunate fate that it met. However, builders believe that Titanic II will prove to be the ship where all those dreams would come true.

This latest Australian adventure of Titanic II does not remain the first time that somebody attempted to replicate the legendary ship. In 2016, a Chinese firm was building one several hundred miles inland at $145 million. However, that ship was never set to sail. Instead, it was docked inland as a tourist spot.

Let’s wait and see if Titanic II will set sail in 2022. And let’s hope it does not come anywhere near the fate of the original ship!

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