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Celebrities React to the Coup happening & Call it White Privilege

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Celebrities are a lot more vocal on social media than ever before, especially during these polarized times. And many of them did not fail to convey their disdain for the attempted coup by pro-Trump vandals on the U.S. Capitol building. As a result, many celebrities came on to social media and let everyone know how the attempted coup was only possible because of white privilege.

Celebrities react to the attempted coup on the Capitol

Celebrities React to the Coup happening & Call it White Privilege
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Alyssa Milano

One of the most vocal liberal celebrities out there was Alyssa Milano. She repeatedly said that this was an “attempted coup” to keep Donald Trump in power:

Furthermore, Milano also mentioned how Trump had been building up to this coup for weeks with his inciting tweets.

Finally, she urged Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment, which would remove Trump from office in place of Pence.

Mark Ruffalo

There were a lot of other vocal celebrities too who did not hesitate in calling out Trump for his antics. That includes a progressive celebrity Mark Ruffalo, whose entire Twitter account was dedicated to the ongoing in Washington. He mentioned that had this been the left trying to storm the Capitol building then there would have been “rivers of our blood in the streets and not a single one of us would be armed”:

He also tweeted about the 25th amendment, saying:

Furthermore, Ruffalo was shocked to see that the Defense Department refused to deploy the National Guard at the Capitol:

Chris Evans

Another celebrity, who is very close to Ruffalo was also massively disappointed. And that is Chris Evans. He repeated the same point as Ruffalo about white privilege, tweeting how there would have been “carnage had they not been white”.

Furthermore, Evans also highlighted the fact that how many people “enabled” this attempted coup, tweeting:

Mark Hamill

Other than Marvel celebrities, Star Wars star Mark Hamill also expressed his concern on the matter. He tweeted how it is Vladimir Putin who is enjoying the happenings on Capitol Hill:

Moreover, the way the Capitol police dealt with the protestors really appalled celebrity-activist and actress Gabrielle Union. She shared a video of the police merely standing back and letting the protestors invade the Capitol building, also saying how they calmly let them in:

Moreover, Zendaya also retweeted this video. Each celebrity recognized the white privilege that allowed those protestors to make it into the Senate chamber and other places inside the Capitol without facing any consequences. Moreover, no one can deny that had they been BLM protestors, there would have been a massacre on the stairs of Capitol Hill. These are the sad realities that America not only has to face but also address after the four difficult years of Trump’s presidency.

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