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Tana Mongeau reacts and reviews Bella Thorne’s diss track about her

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If you thought the messy feud between Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau would have ended and left behind in 2020, you would have been wrong. No side seems to surrender with Tana Mongeau throwing the latest punch aimed at Thorne.

Tana brings in her friends to review the diss track

She reviewed the diss track about her along with her friends. The diss track is known as ‘SFB’ or ‘Stupid F*cking B*tch’. And all of Tana’s friends had something to say. There were no hesitations in speaking what was really going on in their minds.

Tana Mongeau was joined by her close friends, Imari Stuart, Ashly Schwan, and Ari Aguirre. And all of them had something interesting to say regarding the music video and song.

Mongeau started off explaining what they were going to do by joking sarcastically:

We are actually going to be reacting to a music video by the girl that not only made me but all of you [Imari, Ashly, Ari] famous. I don’t know if you guys know but the only reason any of you have any money or any clout – y’all won’t even need OnlyFans-  if it wasn’t for the video we are reacting to by a musical expedition.

Tana also shares that all of her friends joining her were angry at Bella Thorne for quite some time but they were suppressing it. However, now there is no need to suppress it anymore as per Tana.

Tana was trying to avoid the drama but had to do something after the diss track was released

Moreover, she shared that never wanted to be in a feud with her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne. Mongeau was trying to actively avoid it but now she had no choice.

Mongeau also revealed that Thorne is also trying to contact her and has tried to call her. But Tana didn’t seem that interested in talking to her.

And then they started watching the video and Tana Mongeau had a lot to say about the video:

I love the Coachella glam, girl. I don’t think she’s ever let a makeup artist help her out.

Mongeau also made fun of the fact that Bella Thorne’s music video ‘SFB’ got the same views as Imari’s recent TikTok. Moreover, there was also some shade thrown in the genre of the song:

Is this on PopThis or Rap Caviar? Or none of it?

Tana also took a dig at Bella’s social life:

You don’t have any friends. You can’t keep a friend.

Meanwhile, Imari said that Bella’s only friends are ‘her cats’.

While ending the reaction, Tana Mongeau called Bella Thorne ‘gross’. And also shared that if their video ends up reaching 500,000 likes, then all of her friends will come back with their worst stories about Bella.

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