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George Clooney’s ‘Midnight Sky’ Set to Become One of Netflix’s Most Popular Movies!

Netflix is flaunting how their streaming numbers to show how good 'Midnight Sky' is doing.

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Streaming services have had a field day in 2020 with the enormous amounts of traffic they enjoyed. And no one enjoyed it more so than Netflix. The numbers that they clocked in for one of their latest releases, Midnight Sky are truly insane. It’s a movie directed by, and featuring George Clooney and premiered on the 23rd of December. Its marketing was heavy to make sure people watched it on Christmas day, and it delivered. Since then,

George Clooney's 'Midnight Sky' Set to Become One of Netflix's Most Popular Movies!
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George Clooney set to climb the summit of Netflix with Midnight Sky

Midnight Sky follows a scientist, George Clooney, who is arguably the last man alive left on Earth. Apparently, the people on Earth made a few wrong decisions that resulted in some kind of radioactive fallout. On the other hand, we have astronauts (including Felicity Jones and David Oyelowo) aboard a ship Æther, which contains the last remaining humans alive who will restart genesis on a habitable moon orbiting Jupiter. In a bid to establish communication between Clooney and the astronauts, we see both of them embark on an epic and emotional journey.

Netflix subscriptions and viewership grew a LOT this year, as a result of theatres closing down. And George Clooney’s Midnight Sky took full advantage of it. According to the Netflix Film Twitter account, the film amassed a total of 72 million viewers at the very least. That is almost one-third of all the subscribers Netflix has. And it was able to achieve that viewership within its first month, putting it on the trajectory to be the most-watched movie on Netflix.


Now, Netflix is never ever open about its streaming numbers. However, disclosing the number of viewers for Midnight Sky is definitely a power move. And regardless of how skewed the numbers may be, 72 million households are a lot. George Clooney would take these numbers in a heartbeat without thinking twice.

Despite these numbers, critics did not receive Midnight Sky fairly well. They pointed out a number of flaws in the film, but still commended George Clooney for his performance. It continues the tradition of Netflix originals either being awful or great. But, the viewers are important either way for Netflix. It shows that people have some trust in their originals and are willing to spend their precious holiday time on a special they promoted. That said, a lot depends on how much the audience liked Midnight Sky.

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