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Daisy Ridley responds to Labeled ‘Aggressive’ on Star Wars set

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There’s little doubt that Daisy Ridley is one of the biggest stars to emerge from the Disney Star Wars sequel trilogy. She is the fans’ sweetheart. However, those who have worked with her beg to differ. The actress recently revealed that she has been labeled “aggressive” and “intimidating” to work with.

Daisy Ridley responds to Labelled 'Aggressive' on Star Wars set
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Daisy Ridley scares people on-set

While talking to Tatler for their February 2021 issue, Ridley talked about the moment a fellow crewmember told her she was this way on-set. She explained:

I’ve been told that I’m intimidating. That was on Chaos Walking. I was having my hair done, having my wig put on. I remember thinking, ‘God, should I be smaller? Should I be quieter?’

Moreover, Daisy Ridley was also labeled to be “aggressive”. She further recalled:

I’ve been called aggressive, too; my energy is ‘quite aggressive’. That was during a meeting with a director… I was thinking, ‘But why? Is it because I maintained eye contact? Is it because I’m passionate about what we’re talking about?’ I dunno… You have that horrible sinking feeling of, God, do I not come across the way I think I do?

How Star Wars changed her life

Ridley was left quite puzzled by these comments, as it shows that it made her overthink about her own behavior. However, her entire conversation with Tatler was not all about her supposed demeanor on-set. She also talked about her involvement with George Lucas’s Star Wars and how this life-changing opportunity fell on her lap. Her work with Disney may have concluded for now with The Rise of Skywalker, but it propelled her to a lot of fame, as she said:

I know there were a thousand other actresses who could have done it. I guess ultimately it came to a point where I decided I have to be OK with this, I got this magical piece of luck. The stars aligned.

Furthermore, Daisy Ridley will be featuring alongside Tom Holland, Mads Mikkelsen, and Nick Jonas in Lionsgate’s Chaos Walking. With Doug Liman as director, the movie is set for release on March 5th, 2021. The movie will be an adaptation of the first book from the sci-fi trilogy with the same name – The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness.

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