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Should Jennifer Aniston be Canceled over an Ornament?

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2020 is still a few days from coming to an end, but celebrities are still getting canceled. Now, the one under fire is Jennifer Aniston. The Friends actor recently sparked outrage on Twitter after sharing the picture of a Christmas ornament. The problem was that the words “Our first pandemic 2020” were engraved on the ornament. Now that the backlash has somewhat settled, we have to ask – should Jennifer Aniston be canceled over an ornament?

On Christmas day, Aniston decided to share a story on her Instagram account. It was the picture of a wooden Christmas ornament, with no captions accompanying it. We don’t even know if she owned the ornament or not. However, most of her followers assumed that it belonged to her.


The ornament was a custom made design by an Etsy shop called Rustic Raleigh for $5, the owner of which is Brittany Sutton. But, when Aniston’s millions of followers got to see the ornament, backlash ensued.

Twitter is divided on Jennifer Aniston’s ornament

Should Jennifer Aniston be Canceled over an Ornament?

When Twitter got a hold of Aniston’s picture, she got a mixed reaction. Many users highlighted that the actress appeared to be unaware of the suffering and innumerable losses faced by millions due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Moreover, other Twitter users compared Jennifer Aniston and her ornament to the many times’ celebrities made a fool of themselves in quarantine. The best example of that is indeed Gal Gadot and her friends who sang a cover of John Lennon’s imagine.


One user replied to Pop Crave’s tweet containing Jennifer Aniston’s ornament, saying:

All celebrities have done during this pandemic is show how out of touch and just f***ing oblivious they are to anything that doesn’t have to do with them. Some people’s entire family have died, but at least Aniston is showing how quirky she can be.

That said, Jennifer Aniston also had her fair share of defenders. They said that it looked just like a simple souvenir, and nothing that indicated she celebrated the pandemic. They also highlighted the fact that Jennifer Aniston has shared several posts on Instagram urging people to wear masks. She has also expressed empathy towards COVID-19 victims on Instagram.


For now, Jennifer Aniston has not commented on the backlash she received. But, does she deserve to be canceled for this?

Should she be canceled?

Now, this is a tricky hill. First of all, the word canceled is quite overused in the discourse we find on social media. In fact, for me personally, the right word is social accountability, where we hold modern-day celebrities to a higher moral and ethical standard due to their fame, popularity, and the influence that comes with it.

That said, there are two ways you can look at the ornament Jennifer Aniston shared. One is that it was harmless and people, especially healthcare workers, have shared such souvenirs with each other. The other side is that she did it to “celebrate” the pandemic when millions dying and billions suffering from the economic fallout is nothing to celebrate about. There is plausibility in both of these arguments. However, what I believe is that the ornament was slightly distasteful, but not enough to deserve the outrage that it got. A celebrity sharing the picture of an ornament should not be something that deserves threads and viral criticism. There are many problems in this world that deserve that kind of energy. People are dying.

That said, there’s a better way to deal with this. Jennifer Aniston is someone who has showcased her empathy on a regular basis and is not that out of touch with reality, despite her privilege. Her fans could let her know in a relatively polite way that her post felt distasteful. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But the hate she got didn’t feel right either. There are ways to deal with such things, and calling her out so wildly is not one of them.

But, that is just my personal opinion. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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