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Tana Mongeau knew about Jay Alvarrez’s S*x Tape that people think was Revenge P*rn

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Tana Mongeau has her fair share of dating controversial influencers and public figures. On top of the list is always Jake Paul, but you would be surprised to know that she has also dated Jay Alvarrez.

Tana Mongeau recently came on multiple podcasts this week and spilled a lot of tea. One of the main ones was involving her exes.

Now, during the podcast with Heath and Zane: UNFILTERED, the s*x tape scandal of Jay Alvarrez came up. Mongeau shared that she has also dated Jay Alvarrez in the past.

The Tana turns 21 reality star revealed that she already knew about the s*x tape with Sveta Bilyalova. Tana also told the hosts of the podcast that she was good friends with Sveta, apparently, they bonded over how ‘weird Jay is’.

Tana Mongeau shared that she knew about the tape and it was actually filmed a year ago. She also further talked about how Jay Alvarrez had thought about releasing it a while ago but was contemplating whether he should do it or not.

People are criticizing Jay Alvarrez for releasing the tape

Most of the internet is calling out Jay Alvarrez for releasing the s*x tape without Sveta Bilyalova’s permission and consent. Many are thinking that this is called ‘revenge p*rn’.

Legal expert and advocate at a victims’ rights law firm, Annie Seifullah, deems revenge p*rn as a form of se*ual assualt.

“Whether the offender shares with a few people or posts to a public website, it is a unique and horrific type of violation. It is taking someone in their most intimate and vulnerable moment and ripping them open. It is a form of se*ual assault.”

She also doesn’t like using the words ‘Revenge’ and ‘P*rn’

Use of the word ‘revenge’ wrongly suggests that the victim did something that warranted this abuse, that they somehow deserve it.

And the word p*rn isn’t accurate either since p*rn is created with the intention to entertain and distribute the content.

Coming back to the current incident, Sveta and Jay had broken up and they were not on good terms. Sveta Bilyalova shared on her YouTube video that she didn’t want to talk to Jay anymore and he didn’t like taking no for an answer. He threatened to release the tape to Sveta multiple times and then he finally did it.

People think what Jay did was ‘Revenge P*rn’

This is something that the podcast didn’t discuss, and the viewers aren’t happy with it. One person wrote:

Again, why are they discussing a s*x tape like its hot news? Especially when they see it could be revenge p*rn/released w/o consent of both parties.
One person came after Tana Mongeau and called her out for admitting that she knew about the ‘revenge p*rn’:
She knew the revenge p*rn would released for a year? And she thought admitting to this was a smart thing?
Another person called Mongeau a ‘terrible friend’:
imagine knowing someone was going to post revenge p*rn…. tana is a horrible f*cking person, “Sveta and I are friends” my friend wouldn’t keep info like that from me

And one person thought that Tana keeps involving herself in any scandal she sees for ‘clout’:

@tanamongeau is so f*cking irrelevant she involves herself in any drama or controversy just so she gets talked about. She will literally do anything for clout. It’s only a matter of time before she drops a s*x tape of her own just to try and stay relevant.
Let’s see if Tana Mongeau addresses this scandal or not.
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