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Trisha Paytas Engaged to Boyfriend Moses Hacman

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Trisha Paytas is ending her year on a good note! The YouTuber and influencer ended up getting engaged to her boyfriend Moses Hacman. She shared the news on her backup Instagram account after her original Instagram account was banned.

The engagement picture shows Trisha and Moses in adorable costumes

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A post shared by Trisha Paytas 2 (@trishapaytasbackup)

Trisha Paytas was happy and surprised as Moses Hacman popped the question to her. The caption of the post read:

WE’RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!! 💍 Ima be a wifeyyyyy 😭 future Mrs @moses_hacmon 👰🏼 MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎁 WE DID IT 👏🏻

The news comes after Trisha Paytas resolved a feud with Moses Hacman’s sister and brother-in-law, Ethan and Hila Klein. The Kleins are part of the H3H3 podcast and they’ve often battled it out with Trisha.

However, Trisha and Ethan ended up resolving their issues and even started a podcast together ‘Frenemies’. While Paytas has stormed out of the podcast during a major fight, she’s always come back. It was also through them that she met Moses.

The crazy story of how Trisha and Moses started dating

Ethan and Hila Klein wanted to do The Bachelorette with Trisha Paytas. They wanted to find Trisha a boyfriend. Moreover, they were already interested in putting Hila’s brother Moses Hacman in the show.

They wanted Moses to follow the rules and not go against them. Moses Hacman obliged and he wanted to join the show with Trisha Paytas as a goof. Hila Klein shared:

He wanted to do it as a goof, that’s what I [Ethan] thought, if I’m being honest. Just to spice up this sh*t.

But Moses and Trisha ended up both breaking the rules and skipping protocol. They started to talk to each other via DMs, without the Kleins being aware of what was going on. Trisha DMed Moses, saying that she wanted him on the show because she liked him.

Though Moses told Hila there would be no more shenanigans, Moses and Trisha already started seeing each other without the Kleins knowing. This happened a few months ago and since then Moses and Trisha have been in a steady relationship.

Trisha Paytas has finally found true love after messy relationships?

It does seem to be the case. There has been almost no major drama for Trisha Paytas when it comes to Moses Hacman. The two have been going on solid for a long while now.

Paytas even stopped collaborating with other artists on her OnlyFans, where she shows explicit and sexual pictures and videos of herself. Trisha Paytas revealed in a podcast interview that she did it for Moses.

It’s nice to see Trisha Paytas finally finding a love that will hopefully last. Her previous relationships have always been messy and full of private and public dramas. The most popular one was with Jason Nash, whom she made multiple videos about on her YouTube and TikTok. Paytas and Nash did not end on good terms.

But finally, Trisha Paytas has moved on to Moses Hacman with whom she looks happy. Trisha has also not talked too much about her relationship with Moses but always does shower him with compliments whenever talking about him.

Trisha Paytas’s fans were really happy about the news as well.

Trisha Paytas Fans Happy for Engagement

Congratulations, Trisha Paytas!

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