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Tana Mongeau wanted to go for Jake Paul while Harry Jowsey was dating Julia Rose

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Tana Mongeau’s favorite person is Jake Paul, as per Tana herself. The two were in a very public relationship and consequently married. But they both ended up agreeing that it was just fake.

But it seems like Tana Mongeau still thinks highly of Jake Paul. She’s mentioned previously as well that she considers Jake her BFF. In a new YouTube video with Harry Jowsey, Tana Mongeau shared that she was actually going to ask out Jake Paul again when he was single.

This happened when Jake Paul broke up with Julia Rose. During that time, Rose started seeing Harry Jowsey and they two got really close really fast.

Tana saw this as a way for her to get into a relationship with Jake again:

I love Julia Rose! But there was a moment where I was like ‘Oh, Julia is occupied like maybe I’ll get with Jake’. You [Harry Jowsey] almost inspired me to go down that road.

However, Jake ended up getting back together with Julia. And Julia broke up with Harry Jowsey.

Tana Mongeau is content with being friends with Jake Paul

But Tana Mongeau is completely fine with it and still considers Jake her favorite person. She opened up about how she feels about Jake on a podcast, Heath and Zane: UNFILTERED:

We’re like best friends right now – he really is like my best friend. I’m not kidding. Like he’s like my favorite person to like hit up over sh*t and just like talk about life.

She shared that Jake Paul has guided her through a lot during her career and life. Moreover, she says that she is grateful to have him in her life. Jake has always been there to support her through her major and even minor scandals. Moreover, Tana said that she if would ever kill a person, the only person she would tell would be Jake.

This is genuinely my truth which is so f*cking ugly. Like if I killed someone, I would probably call Jake and be like ‘I just killed someone, like what do I do?’.

Then the hosts of the podcast mentioned how Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau went through very public events (the relationship, engagement, marriage, and divorce) but at least they were going through it together. Tana agreed with the sentiment sharing:

To navigate this thing with someone else – and not to feel as alone in it, is very very important. And I think that I felt like I knew what like fame was kind of before meeting him. And then I kind of entered like his like life almost. – And I was like ‘Oh this is really f*cking different’. I can’t actually do f*cking anything, it’s kind of miserable. And then it’s like once you take it on, you can’t really walk out of it. So then it’s almost like, ‘Okay, let’s join this misery together!’

Tana Mongeau also admitted that she thinks it’s better if she and Jake remain friends but did say that it was a ‘mess for sure’.

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